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A new co-ventured blog has been launched, full of writing, prompts and creative adventures

Welcome to The Daily Scribble
A new blog designed by conspiring scribblers and admired by eleven whole people so far.

If you have more important things to do, like eat breakfast, attend class, go to work, wash the cat, steal Durer's Melancholia, then we urge you to turn away as quickly as possible, forget that you ever opened this webpage and flee before we immerse you in our den of inspiration and words.

Our aim is to enliven your creativity, spark your enthusiasm, reawaken your inner scribbler and help you to the lofty heights of publication. We offer prompts, book reviews, examples of great writing, heartening quotes as well as critiquing and reviewing members of this writing community.

We want to help writers through in-depth constructive criticism, considering the literary genre, influences and history of their work, to better their style, form, plot and more. All writers chosen will either have their full poem posted on the blog or a permanent link to the short story here at writing.com and a temporary page on the blog dedicated to their writing for a full month. All participants will be able to use a signature, created and gifted by us, to show that they have taken part. This option is currently limited to the Rising Stars and through competitions/raffles in the future.

Please check out our FAQs for more details. Any other questions, feel free to ask them here.

The Scribbler and the Raven


Guidelines for Submittal:
Your post in the Forum should follow the following three little rules:

1. A brief bio about yourself of no more than four sentences. This should include the name that you write under (not just your wdc username) and information such as: where you're from, what you like to write, what you want to achieve, any projects etc.

2. Submit all items that you want us to review in bitem format - if you don't know how to use this format then please see:
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for more information.

3. You can submit up to three items that you want reviewed each month. These can be poems, short stories or first chapters but not novel-length pieces or non-static items. We are also happy to review essays although we will not 'edit' school work.


Special Thanks to the Rising Stars who have offered not only their support and assistance in launching our blog but have also agreed to initiate the Constructive Criticism and Review Programme. We consider them our friends, fellows and sponsors and hope to repay them in dedication and review.

Also to the wonderful Professor Q bought a house!

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by Dr Matticakes Myra · 02-18-12 @ 4:25 pm

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