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by Joy
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This forum is for reading and reviewing WdC-Authors’ Published Books.
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Welcome to the Published Books of WdC Authors Forum

If you wish your work to be read, read another member's published novel.

         Our goal in this forum is to support the current Writing.com authors with published books and to spread their name and fame on the web. To reach that objective, some incentives will be given to those who read a book published by a current WdC author.

          As you well know, when a publishing house lacks in marketing and advertising or if a book is self-published or for any other reason, the work the author slaved over so carefully becomes little read; therefore, I would like to encourage the reading of the published books by the current writers of our site, since the number of published books by Writing.com authors have increased greatly during the recent years.

         What to do:

         *Bullet* Read a published book by a Writing.com author. It can be any book: fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. A piece of work in an anthology does not qualify. The work has to be a separate book, no matter the length. Co-authored books do not count, unless both or all authors are current members of Writing.com.

         *Bullet* Write a review in: , or if the book is not on Amazon's list, post your review in your blog or create a separate item for it in your portfolio.

         *Bullet* Post your review in Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or any other site on the web. It is all right to post the same review in all places.

         *Bullet* Post a message in this forum, giving the link to your product review and all the URLs of your reviews. Please include the author's WdC username. You have to post your links in this forum to be eligible for prizes.

         *Bullet* If your review is in the WdC's product reviews, leave a message in "Angel Product Reviews, so our nice friends in that forum can give you additional gifts when your reviews there add up to a certain number.


          A merit badge and 5000 gps will be given to a published book review on the site plus one other place on the internet. For each additional review URL after that, there will be 5000 Gps.
         To receive an MB, at least one review in this site and another one out-of-site on the internet is needed.
         For example: Imagine you posted a review in WdC's Product Reviews and in Amazon, then you posted other reviews, say one in Goodreads, another in Barnes & Noble,pp then another in a popular Website or blog, you'll get an MB and 15,000 gps.


How To link Product Reviews:

Replace ##### with the review's ID #.


How to link your review from other sites:

Replace ######## with the URL of your review in that site.
{link: ########}


         Please refer to Writing.com's list at:
Here is my partial list of published books by current WdC authors. "List of Published Books by WdC Authors

Please use the lists, and if you know any additional published work by current WdC authors, let me know by e-mail or by posting in the forum, so I can add them to the list. Please mention their username and possibly the title of their book, and if you know, the link or where to obtain the book. By the way, self-promotion is strongly encouraged. Thanks! *Smile*

          In addition, if you have finished your last draft for your book and want a little extra help from WdC friends, feel free to post in this forum. As a good rule of thumb, check this set of rules *Right* Writer Magazine-online exclusive-2010 March Your seven-step checklist for tip-top writing by Bonnie Trenga.

         Let us support our authors.

          Enjoy this forum and your reading. *Smile*

--Note-- If you own a Kindle or if you have the Kindle app in your computer or Android phone/tablet, I can lend you the books I have read or already have in my Kindle library, provided the authors have given permission for that to Amazon. You just need to send me your Amazon username.

In Addition:

How to add your book to WdC's published books list:

Only you can add to the WdC's list ; Mods and Sr. Mods can't do that for you.

To do it, go there from https://www.writing.com/main/authors.php/action/in_print

On top of the page click on "Set up your In Print area" on the top of the page in blocked letters.
It'll take you to a somewhat empty page where on top it says:
"No books In Print found.
Click here to manage your In Print settings"

Click on the second line for another page to open with little boxes for the ISBN or ASIN of your book and your author's bio.

Sig for nominees

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