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by Elle
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Authors face off through their characters! Follow along & vote each round.
Header image for the Clash! character tournament

Original Character Tournament (OCT) - A persistent, multi-round contest in which entrants are paired/grouped off to compete head-to-head, each by writing a story about a character of their own creation overcoming their opponent's character, until a single entrant stands as victor.

Need more information?

This tournament was originally created and hosted by Zelphyr . All credit goes to her for setting up the forum and the original idea. Thanks to Fi for the images!

Current Tournament: "Tournament 5 - The Curse"  
Current Round: Final
Deadline: 11:59pm WDC time, September 15, 2020

-| Structure |-

Post all entries (including auditions) as a link (we suggest using {bitem:} or {entry:} links). Linked items may be rated up to 18+; direct posts must fit within the 13+ rating or lower. State the round in your post title; for example, "Audition: My Title" or "Round One: My Awesome Entry."

Anyone can enter. Entrants must provide a character profile/reference and an introductory story. Depending on how many acceptable entries are posted, judges will select entrants to participate in the tournament. Character references and introductions must be posted at the same time. Please start your entry's post title with the word "Audition."

Character Reference

Introductory Story

Tournament Rounds
Participants are paired off and will have 2 weeks to write their entries. After a week for judging, one winner will be selected from each pairing to move on to the next round. The allowed length of entries will vary each round, typically getting longer as the tournament progresses. Please start your entry's post title with "Round #."

-| Rules |-

*Bullet* New entrants are only allowed during the audition round.

*Bullet* Be nice. Characters may get beaten up or die, but ask before you brutalize someone’s character too much.

*Bullet* Entries may be rated up to 18+; forum posts can be up to 13+.

*Bullet* Do not delete any related items until the tournament has fully concluded.

*Bullet* Do not edit your entry after the round deadline.

*Bullet* Your character(s) must be of your own creation; fan fiction is not permitted in this tournament.

-| Judging |-

The best of the auditions will be selected by judge consensus. In subsequent rounds, each pair will have two judges and a public poll (which will count as a third judge); gain the majority favour to win.

Sharing your entry and encouraging votes is fine, but anyone caught stacking the poll (by alternate accounts, or by collecting non-reader votes) will be disqualified.

Characterization (of your characters and your opponent's) is the emphasis of this tournament, but entrants will also be judged on general writing ability, such as story-telling, grammar, and punctuation.

The judge is Elle .

-| Prizes |-

Merit Badge in Clash
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "Clash!" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #1919349] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

All qualifying auditions will receive 1,000 gift points.
Those who move on to the next round will receive 5,000 gift points.
The runner up will receive an exclusive Clash! merit badge and 10,000 gift points (can be taken as an awardicon).
The champion will receive an exclusive Clash! merit badge and 25,000 gift points (can be taken as an awardicon).

If you'd like to donate, send the GPs to "Original Character Tournament Bank
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