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A contest where the winner wins an upgraded membership.
*Flag**Flagp* The Mad Dash Contest *Flag**Flagp*



Would you like an upgraded membership, but do not have the funds to get it? Well this is the contest for you! Get your running shoes on, check out the rules and get started! You may end up the winner of a beautiful upgraded membership, built to last for three months!


*Flag**Flagp* OFFICIAL RULES *Flag**Flagp*

*Flagr*This contest runs for one week, once a month.

*Flago*Donations and entry fees are separate. You will need both for this contest.

*Flagr*The entry fee is 5,000 gps. Your sponsor can donate any amount of gp's, but the entry fee is 5,000

*Flagb* All entry fees and donations are submitted at the time of the post. The contestant is not entered into the race until the funds have been submitted.

*Flagp* Have your sponsors post your name, their name, and their donation directly into the forum.

*Flagg* This is a reviewing contest. You can review any item of any rating, by any member of the WDC. I encourage to review your fellow contestants in this contest. You can also review any item of any member of the WDC Power Reviewers Group. You can find a list here "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group. Reviews for members not affiliated with the Power group are welcomed and accepted. The more reviews you do, the better your chances of winning. You are encouraged to use the Mad Dash image in your reviews. The image ID number is 1934576. All you have to do is use image:1934576 between braces. No spaces...and you are all set. Post a link to your reviews directly into the forum so that it can be counted.

*Flag*Reviews are graded according to length (without the frills). Every 100 characters (without the frills) will count for 1 point. If your review has 500 characters (without the frills) then your review will count for 5 points.

For sponsored amounts, you will receive 100 points for every thousand donated.

*Flag* A scoreboard will be updated and visible so that all contestants can see where they stand. Once you enter the race, you will become a member of this group during the race you have entered only. This will give you access to the scoreboard.  All runners will be removed from the group once the race has ended. Go to "The Mad Dash Contest Bank, click on Group Tools, then scroll down to View Scoreboard to check out where you stand in the race.

*Flagr*Sponsors, donations, and reviews will be accepted up until the last day of the race at 11:59 WDC time.

*Flagg*Contest will always start at the beginning of the week. Each leg of the race will be ran from Sunday at midnight to Friday at 11:59 WDC time.

*Flag*Winner of the race will be announced by the first week of the next month (usually well before) and the upgraded membership purchased by the end of that same week.

*Flag*If there is a tie, contestants will be notified and a 24-hour dash will be ran to determine a clear winner. The next race will continue on as scheduled.

*Flag**Flagr**Flagb* Newbies *Flag**Flagr**Flagb*

If you do not have the 5,000 gp's for the entrance fee, this is what you need to do.

*Flagp* To qualify as a newbie for this contest, you would need to be a member of the WDC for six months or less.

*Flag* Submit an entrance fee of  2500 gp's. (If you don't have any gp's and your sponsor wants to gift you the entrance fee..this is allowed.)

*Flagv* Do five reviews of any item in my port TarynSloane ~ Writing .

*Flagr* Have at least 5 items in your port.

*Flagp* Then follow the rest of the rules of the contest. As a newbie, you are probably unable to use images in your reviews. However you can use the tag lines. Same rule applies for tags as it does for images except you use item instead of image. To use the Dash tag use item:1926503 between braces, no spaces.


I am sure all of this is as clear as mud, so please if you have any questions about the rules, please post in the forum or email me. *Smile*

Next race: February 10, 2019~February 15, 2019

*Flag**Flagp* Who Benefits From Your Entrance Fees and Donations? *Flag**Flagp*
After the prize has been bought, this is how the funds will be divided.
50% goes to the WDC Power Reviewers Group
50%  Stays in the contest bank to fund future prizes *Smile*

Donations of 40,000 or more will receive a merit badge of your choice.
Sponsor with the largest donation receives a fundraising merit badge.
All donations and entry fees are nonrefundable.


*Infob*Please keep in mind that you will need to have all three items to run in this contest:
1. An entrance fee (submitted by the runner unless otherwise stated)
2. Sponsor or sponsors with their donations.
3. Reviews that are linked to this contest.
Without these, you will be listed as an appreciated donor; as all gp's given to this contest are nonrefundable.

If the contest does not generate enough gp's to fund the upgraded membership and the groups listed above, the membership will be paid for out of my own pocket.

*Flag**Flagp* Registered Runners *Flag**Flagp*


*Flag**Flagb* Sponsors *Flag**Flagb*



To see past winners and donors visit "The Mad Dash Contest Bank

(Depending on the number of runners...I may throw in a few surprise prizes.)

First Place Prize

Upgraded Membership for 3 months

Second Place Prize

Free entry for the next race (this prize can be passed onto another member if you choose), and an Endurance Merit Badge. Remember that although you will not have to pay the entry fee for the next race, a sponsor will still be required.


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