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A monthly writing competition designed to hold you accountable for your goals.


Monthly Writing Accountability Challenge




Joining and Establishing Goals

1. By the 5th of the month (January deadline extended to 1/10/16), post a message announcing your intent to participate. Include:
         *Bulletv* Your entry fee: 2,500 GPs per category.
         *Bulletv* Your measurable and time-bound points goal for each category you select.

2. Enter your goals in the Goals Form  .

         Available Categories (choose as many or few as you like):
         *Pencil* Editing
         *Mic* Promotion
         *Bookopen* Reading
         *Penr* Reviewing
         *Quill* Writing

         Calculating Points:
         *Bulletv* 1 point per word
         *Bulletv* 10 points per minute

         Example Goals for a 31-day month:
         *Bulletv* WRITING: 500 words/day. Points Goal = 500 pts/day or 15,500 pts/mo (500 pts x 31 days)
         *Bulletv* EDITING: 30 minutes/day. Points Goal = 300 (30x10) pts/day or 9,300 pts/mo (300 pts x 31 days)
                   If you need help with the math, ask for help in the forum!

They're your goals. Only you get to decide what the goals are and how to meet them.

Reporting Progress Against Goals

1. Count your words or minutes for each session.

2. Report your points:
         *Bulletv* Enter your progress in the Progress Form  .
         *Bulletv* Feel free to brag aboutpost your accomplishments in the forum.

Winning the Challenge

1. Meet points goal in any single category and win a Category Prize.
         *Coingold* 2,750 GPs for meeting goals in each category (entry fee + 10% interest)

2. Meet points goals in at least four categories and win the Grand Prize.
         *Coingold* A Certifiably InsaneCourage merit badge.

Using the Forum

1. So that young writers may participate, please keep dialog 13+ and below.

2. The forum may be used for:
         *Bulletv* questions
         *Bulletv* bragging
         *Bulletv* brainstorming
         *Bulletv* stumbling blocks you're facing
         *Bulletv* general encouragement
         *Bulletv* anything related to your projects or writing in general

Accountability Personnel:

Click to Meet Your Accountability Leaders
Your leaders are here to help you, answer questions, and maintain the scoresheet.

Click to Meet Your Sponsors
Donations are always much appreciated.
Please send them to Group#1965470 or attach them to a message in the forum below.


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