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by Sunny
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Prompts to help you blog about real life...

"Welcome To My Reality Folder

*Gingerbread* Be sure to read and follow ALL before posting *Gingerbread* Thank you *Smile*

*Peno* Each month posting requirements:

*Starb* *Right* Please post ALL of your completed entries in ONE POST when completed during each month.

*Starb* *Right* Be sure to post like this: "January 2017 Prompts/ I did 3 Prompts *Left* To be clear you will put: January 2017 Prompts: I did x amount of Prompts ~ I did 3 prompts so I would say: January 2017 Prompts: I did 3 prompts.

Here is the example: "January 2017 Prompts/ I did 3 Prompts

*Starb* *Right* You only need to post once in the forum with all of your completed entries. This is what it will look like: "January 2017 Prompts/ I did 3 Prompts *Left* Be sure to put in the item title line how many prompts you completed rather it be 1, 3, 5, 10, 35, 45, 55. You get the point? I want to know please.

*Starb* *Right* You can check out my page if you want to see any more examples: "Welcome To My Reality There are a couple private ones skip to the ones you can see as the rest are for registered users and higher. If you still can not see send me an email and I will copy and paste what you want to see to you in an email as long as it is not marked private.

*Peno* For how to put all prompts in one post:

*Snow4* *Right* Copy and paste all the prompts into your entry that you write in and then {hide} your entry until you have completed what you want and then unhide it {/hide}
Then post it into the forum *Right* "Welcome To My Reality Forum.

*Snow4* *Right* Be sure to write how many you completed for any month in your item title line as like in my example: "January 2017 Prompts/ I did 3 Prompts *Left* to also qualify for the merit badge.

*Snow4* *Right* I will not be counting how many you do for any month. Also be sure to hide your entry until you have completely done the full amount that you want to complete before posting in the forum.

*Snow4* *Right* Do not forget to put the amount you have completed for the whole month in the item title line ~ to also qualify for a merit badge.

*Snow4* *Right* If you have any questions regarding "Welcome To My Reality Forum, please email sunnystarr to ensure that I see them and can reply in a timely manner. Not in the entry forum below please . Thank you *Smile*

*Snow4* *Right* Have fun!

*Peno*How it Works:

*Starb* *Right* At the beginning of each month, the blog prompts for that month will be posted. They will encourage you to write an entry recording the reality of your life or at least encourage you to write. You may complete all or none of them. You may complete them in any order you choose. Some prompts will fit some days better than others.

*Starb* *Right* Blog entries will not be judged - this is about blogging and you should feel free to respond to the prompts as it befits your blogging style.

*Starb* *Right* Participation level is up to you. No sign-ups are required, even though you can if you wish also you may join or leave at any time.

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From your friends at Showering Acts of Joy! Merit Badge in Journaling
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 [Link To User sunnystarr] 

*^*Balloon5*^* Congratulations on your achieving your Journaling merit badge for completing 5 blog entries a week for weeks 76-79 with  [Link To Item #wtmr] ! *^*Balloon5*^* Keep up the great writing!

Merit Badge in Welcome To My Reality
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Congratulations on getting in a minimum of 30 prompt replies for the month of May, 2016! Well earned, lady! Great job!

*Snow4* *Right* If you answer 30 - 35 prompts during the month you will be rewarded with a Blogging Merit Badge Writing Merit Badge,

*Snow4* *Right* If you answer 40 - 45 prompts during the month you will be rewarded with a Journaling Merit Badge.

*Snow4* *Right* If you answer 55 to 60 prompts during the month you will be rewarded with a Welcome to My Reality Merit Badge.

*Snow4* *Right* In order to qualify for a merit badge, you must complete the full amount of prompt entries listed *Up* above as well as the other steps listed in this forum board. .

*Starb* *Right* You may still participate in this activity regardless of how many prompts you choose to do, the requirement *Up* above relates solely to the merit badge eligibility. Except you still need to follow the other steps listed in this forum board.*Starb*

*Ornament1y* *Right* I would like to have a link of everyone's journal/blog that you use for this wonderful place so that I can put it in here *Right* "WTMR Group Members' Blogs/Journals.
Why? For all of us to enjoy in here. So if you could just email me your link, I will place it in the link "WTMR Group Members' Blogs/Journals.



April Fool’s Day! Tell us your best practical joke story.
April is the awareness month for many important causes, which one will you be supporting, and why?
Do you have fun at your job?
How do you incorporate exercise into your day?
What is your hobby? Give us your expert advice to get started so we can try it!
Describe your favorite spring activity.
Write a post inspired by this word: butterfly
5 tips for staying organized
Tell us a funny story about an animal.
Do you have a sibling? Write a post inspired by him or her.
Let’s talk about libraries and librarians! How have they impacted your life?
What is your best money saving tips?
What generation do you wish you grew up in?
Share a recipe featuring pecans
What are your goals for spring?
What does Easter Sunday mean to you?
What does your dream house look like?
How do you juggle all the responsibilities in your day?
Share your favorite recipe featuring cream cheese.
What inspired you to get involved in social media?
How do you keep your children from telling lies?
What is your best photography tip?
Selfie — tell us what you love about yourself.
Have you looked into your family history? Tell us about one of your ancestors.
Write a post inspired by this word: moving
What advice would you give to someone starting their first garden?
Take your daughter to work day. What do you want your daughter to gain from the experience?
Tell us a flash fiction story about a boy in a red hat.
What were your three favorite children’s books when you were a kid?
Write a real and authentic post about something important to your heart.
Write about Easter falling on April's Fools day this year
Write with the title: "What I Know About Me"
How do you feel about Spring?
Do you do anything for Easter? If so what if not what do you do?
Do you have a favorite Holiday? If so share about it
Look out your window, tell me what do you see?
Open your favorite book go to the 30th-page paragraph three and write a story pertaining to your self.
Tell me how you feel about Jesus.
Write about your Dad
Write about your Mom
Write about your brother 
Write about your sister 
Write about your favorite Aunt
Write about your favorite Uncle
Write about your favorite Cousin
Write about your favorite Animal 
Write about your favorite Scent
Write about what you eat
Write about what you don't eat
Write about your health
Write about what you are working on in your life
Write about your favorite season
Write about a story you are working on now
Write about what it is like to work where you work or Shcool if you are in School
Write about your favorite thing is about being home
You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs.” What would happen if it actually did rain cats and dogs? Write and illustrate a story about the day it rained cats and dogs.
What wish do you have for our world?
Imagine you could interview Mother Nature. Write five questions you would ask. Then choose one question and write what her answer might be..
Write about a time you played a joke on someone
Write 10 things about you that you have not shared in WDC as of yet.
Let a little bit of leprechaun mischief or magic slip into your blog today.

Be sure to read ALL the above and follow ALL of the above before posting!

Enjoy! You will do great!

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UPDATE: As of June 2016:
sunnystarr is now the leader and her assistant is Princess Megan Rose

This blogging group was initially founded by Elle who then passed it on to Rhonda . Now, she has passed it on to Patrece~ I'm Blue?! Woo-Hoo! who has now passed it on to me, sunnystarr. I thank you all for creating and maintaining such a wonderful blogging group! Thank you for entrusting it to me, sunnystarr and my indentured servant, Princess Megan Rose !

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