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Let's all fall in love by drinking my specially brewed love potions!
Love Potion Banner


While Magic Wands and Enchanted Baskets were out of stock, Love Potions and Elixirs are out for purchase. This Valentines Day, let us all fall in love by drinking my specially brewed Love Potions. Of course, exciting rewards and surprising package goodies are up for grabs!

Get a bottle or more of Love Potions for yourself or gift it to your friend. This will cost you 1, 000 gift points each.

Love Potion
Cost: 1, 000 Gift Points
Ability: Infatuate in love those who drink
Effectiveness: Fall in love to 1 *Person* for drinking a *Bottle4*

Love Potion Divider

You may fall in love to the following people (representative) for running and hosting their awesome group and activity:

*Poseyr* STORYMASTER The ScaryMaster of "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group
*Poseyr* KIYASAMA kiyasama of "The WDC Angel Army
*Poseyr* PAT warriormom of "Showering Acts of Joy Group
*Poseyr* SISCO ~ Spooky Sisco ~ of "The Newbies Academy Group
*Poseyr* MARRYANN Maryann of "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
*Poseyr* ELLE Elle - on hiatus of "WDC Addicts Anonymous
*Poseyr* RHMN R.H.N of "Contest Central Station
*Poseyr* RIOT Riot of "Invalid Item
*Poseyr* ANDREW Andrew of "The Quill Awards
*Poseyr* MARK M.A.GEORGE of "The Newbie Academy Review Contest CLOSED
*Poseyr* AUNDRIA My Mothers Angel in my Ear of "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest
*Poseyr* SANITA Sanita of "Invalid Item
*Poseyr* HANNAH Hannah ♫♥♫ of "Rockin' Reviewers - Award Page

50% [500] of each Love Potion sale will go to the group or activity of the representative you are in love with.
50% [500] remaining + donations cover the prizes and rewards [see Prizes and Proceeds Breakdown].

Love Potion Divider

The rule is as easy as drinking your glass of milk. Follow the steps to have your potion effected.


*Heart* 1. Buy as many Love Potion as you wish.
*Heart* 2. Post your order on the forum along with the person (see Members to Fall In Love With) you wanted to fall in love with. It could be SM, KIYA or ME or even other members around WDC.


*Kiss* 1. Buy as many Love Potions as you can for your friend, fellow group members, or those you wanted to fall in love.
*Kiss* 2. Specify whom you wanted him/her to fall in love with. It could be any or all of the above mentioned individuals or maybe YOU. Or other members around.

A complete list of individuals effected by the spell and the person they're inlove with can be found at "Invalid Item

To view your Bottle Numbers, Status of the Spell and Number of Elixirs, visit "Invalid Item

*Idea*HINT: Buy lots of Love Potions for your friend and let them fall for you for a greater chance of winning the Ultimate Heartthrob/Sweetheart

*Noter*NOTE: Failure to include the Username of the person(s) you wanted to fall inlove with will default to me*Laugh*. So, if you don't want that to happen, then don't forget it.

Now, a spell has effected on you. You're in love and you can't do anything but think and imagine that person every second. You can no longer write nor read a piece other than Love and Romance genre (good thing you can at least write and read, but is limited to these two). YOU'RE INFATUATED BY LOVE!*Inlove*

And oh, you still need to accomplish things, and review other genres. But how? You asked. You wanted to free from the spell. You wanted something, an antidote maybe. Oh yes, Antidote! I believe I have that on my shop.


On December 31st before new year struck, I cruised the land to Wricanta and secretly visited their most restricted place: THE FOUNTAIN OF ELIXIR. I carefully fetched ample volume of it, making sure not to wake the Guard Fairies.
Wricanta Banner

I succeed and it's available for purchase. In the case that you wanted to free from the spell, just pay 2, 000 gift points for a bottle and you'll get what you wished.

ELIXIR is the Love Potion's antidote and it possesses a special ability aside from curing you from the love infatuation.

Love Potion Antidote
Antidote: ELIXIR
Cost: 2, 000 Gift Points
Heals love infatuation

What will happen after drinking Elixir?

Drinking elixir has two effects: HEALING and IMMORTALITY

         This happens first (if one is infatuated). If you are under the love potion's spell, you'll be cured automatically.

         If you drink elixir but not under a spell, you'll get a chance to become immortal. Drink at least five (5) bottles and you will be called immortal. If so happen that one will give you love potion, it might not have effect on you, however, your elixirs will be deducted until you become normal (mortal).

Love Potion Divider
Half of each potion sale will be allocated to the following:

50K Surprise Package to Lucky Drinker drawn via virtual dice
20K Surprise Package to Heartthrob or Sweetheart

*Vine2**PoseyR**Vine1**Rabbit2* *Candy1* *Rabbit2**Vine2**PoseyR**Vine1*

Remaining Funds will be allocated as follows:

15% of total proceeds goes to Ultimate Healer
20% of total proceeds will be divided by the Immortals

Left from total deductions will feed my Piggy.

HEARTTHROB/SWEETHEART :: A member with most admirers
IMMORTALS :: Members who have unused Elixirs [must have at least 5 elixirs]
ULTIMATE HEALER :: A member who performed most healings [might healed himself/herself or has gifted elixirs to infatuated members]

Love Potion Divider

This activity will start on the 10th of January and ends on the 13th of February at exactly 11:59 PM WDC Time.

Love Potion Divider

Be one of the kindhearted members. Donate some of your gift points to fill up the Love Jar and increase the prize pool. Send your donation to [#] "Invalid Item or simply include it with your forum post. Any donation that reaches the following amount will get you the corresponding rewards:

10K gets you 1 Love Potion
20K gets you 3 Love Potions
30K gets you 5 Love Potions
40K gets you 7 Love Potions
50K gets you MB that you don't have yet + 1 Elixir
60K gets you MB that you don't have yet + 3 Elixirs
70K gets you MB that you don't have yet + 5 Elixirs
80K gets you 10K Portfolio Awardicon + 7 Elixirs
90K gets you 25K Portfolio Awardicon + 1 Love Potions + 1 Elixir
100K gets you 25K Portfolio Awardicon + 2 Love Potion + 2 Elixirs

A special thanks to M.A.GEORGE for the lovely red ribbon gracing this forum.

A million thank you to the following generous donators:

*Suitheart* M.A.GEORGE *Ribbonp* for donating 100,000 GPs
*Suitheart* Sanita *Badge* for donating 50,000 GPs
*Suitheart* ~ Spooky Sisco ~ *Badge* for donating 50,000 GPs
*Suitheart* Earthenware_Haven for donating 10,000 GPs
Love Potion Divider


You may drink as many bottle of Love Potions as you can and fall inlove with whoever you want to. I carefully studied the formula, examined the ingredients to especially brewed this virtual liquid*Laugh*.

The idea of this activity is solely intended for raising funds for the benificiaries involved, thus falling inlove to every WDC members doesn't mean one is committed to the person. This is just a game for fun and is too far from real life relationship and affection.

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