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Round 45 open. 15 Line Limit as part of June's Contest Challenge! Come join us!
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'And all we feared inside the night / shows true in morning's biased light.' โ€• Garth von Buchholz

*Starbl* Thank you GeminiGem๐Ÿ’ for the beautiful Awardicon adorning this contest *Heart*
*Starbl* Thank you GabriellaR45 and embe for the beautiful Red Ribbon also adorning this page *Heart*

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Life isn't all rainbows, unicorns, and happy feelings. There are plenty of poetry groups for this kind of work (and I enjoy them all), but I want to enjoy the dark side as well. Show me the darkest corners of your heart and mind. Scare me, stir me, make me cry.

Apply to "Dark Dreamscapes to be invited to the group for updates on the contest (every other month only). You will be given instructions on how to remove yourself if you do not want to remain in the group. There are no requirements to stay in the group to enter the contest.

Dark Dreamscapes is a Prompt based contest for any dark, emotional, and twisted poetry, including gothic, supernatural, and horror. For more freedom of expression the Poetry can definitely go up to XGC as long as they are rated properly. Please read ALL of the rules!

Prompts may be pictures, a certain number of required words, a sentence, a question, specific dark genre or genre to MAKE dark, free-verse, or formed. Possibly a combination of 2 or more of these, or even a variety that you get to choose from. Whatever I feel like inspiring you with. *Vamp*

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Rules Text


*Starbl* Poetry can be rated UP TO XGC. But keep forum posts 13+
*Starbl* All Genres accepted including Erotica, Horror, etc, as long as it is DARK in nature.
*Starbl* No prejudice towards sexual preferences or racism allowed I want dark not degrading
*Starbl* Poetry must follow the prompt(s); for pictures an obvious related inspiration is simply required, everything else is self explanatory and will be written out for each contest for no confusion.
*Starbl* Old poems allowed as long as they follow the prompt(s). Previously awarded poems are allowed.
*Starbl* Entries must be posted in BITEM format: {bitem:#######} or ENTRY format {entry:#######} , replace #'s with your poem's item/entry number or look here *Right* WritingML Help for b-item WritingML Help for entry for more instructions
*Starbl* I will not be accepting forum posts as entries.
*Starbl* Each poem must not exceed 60 lines ~ unless the prompt states other wise. Please post line counts in the item
*Starbl* Please post Prompt # used in post when more than one prompt is available.
*Starbl* You may edit entries up until the end of the contest month.
*Starbl* One entry per round per person


Entries are due no later then 11:59pm WDC time on the last day of the month.
New Rounds start The First of every other month. We run:


Winners will be announced no later than the 15th of the following off month

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Judges Text

Judge  this round:

๐ŸŒ‘ Darleen & Roland King

Judge's decision are final.

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Prizes Text

Must have 3 entries for 1st place to be awarded
Must have 5 entries for 1st and 2nd to be awarded
Must have 8+ entries for all 3 places to be awarded

First Place

*Giftw*: New DDP Awardicon + Dark Poetry MB

         and a home in "Dark Dreamscapes Winners Gallery

Second Place

*Giftw*: 50k Awardicon + Dark Poetry MB

         and a home in "Dark Dreamscapes Winners Gallery

Third Place

*Giftw*: 25k Awardicon + Dark Poetry MB

         and a home in "Dark Dreamscapes Winners Gallery

Honorable Mention

*Giftw* Dark Poetry Merit Badge and Honorable Mention in the "Dark Dreamscapes Winners Gallery

Honorable mentions are at judges discretion

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Donors Text

Any Donations of 40k will receive a MB.

Please send GPs directly to ID# 1982963 ("Dark Dreamscapes) or post them below.

Click here for a list of Donors

To maintain these great prizes this contest will need the support of donations. Every donation, no matter the size is highly appreciated.

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This month's contest runs from June 1st 12am WDC to June 30th 11:59PM WDC

Prompts Text

June Round 45


DDPC Prompt Round 45

*Vignette6* Writer's Choice - Free-verse or choose a form from The Poet's Garret   or Shadow Poetry  
*Vignette6* May choose any form from any site as long as you can link back to it
*Vignette6* 15 Line Maximum

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Entries Text

*Box* #1*Down*
Nixe  (ASR)
a sibilant sedoka
#2251683 by Tileira

*Box* #2*Down*
The Sisters  (13+)
I can no longer escape my vision.
#2251667 by Cubby creating e-book. โœ๏ธ

*Box* #3*Down* (Unlocks First Place Prize)
"Flirting With Disaster by Bob'n Around

*Box* #4*Down*
Skin Deep  (13+)
A darkness dwells... A Dark Dreamscapes Entry (Form: Rondeau)
#2252135 by ๐ŸŒ“ HuntersMoon

*Box* #5*Down* (Unlocks Second Place Prizes)
Legend of the White Snake Goddess  (E)
poem about the Chinese White Snake Goddess
#2252409 by Elfin Dragon - contest hunting

*Box* #6*Down*
Lascivious  (18+)
A twisted tale of desire and betrayal
#2252414 by Words Whirling 'Round

*Box* #7*Down*

*Box* #8*Down* (Unlocks All 3 Prizes)

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April Round 44

Winners Text

Round 44

*TrophyG* Two-Way Tie for First Place:

Behind the Circus  (ASR)
A sestina on the machinations of sinister suspects
#2248137 by Tileira


Jester of the Dark World  (ASR)
Make the king laugh is my goal, why did I sell my soul?
#2249262 by Jeannie๐Ÿ’

*Trophys* Second place

Call us Boss  (18+)
Is your boss a Fool in disguise?
#2249530 by Kรฅre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

*TrophyB* Third Place

The Jester King  (18+)
The dance of the king and courtiers. Third place in Dark Dreamscapes, Round 44.
#2249312 by Beholden

*Star* Honorable Mentions *Star*

"Three-card Monte [Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest, 4/2021] by Soldier_Mike ๐ŸŽบ

See all Winners and Honorable mentions here:
Dark Dreamscapes Winners Gallery  (13+)
Past Winners of the Dark Dreamscapes Contests
#1983021 by ๐ŸŒ‘ Darleen

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Be sure to check out a new "Dark Dreamscapes contest featured by our very own Roland King if you'd like to write fantasy-based poems:

Fantasy Unravelled  (E)
Folklore and Fairy Tales Reimagined
#2240621 by Roland King

It runs every other month offset of DDP (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov)

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