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Pie-Eating Contest, Snack Stand, and Piñata!
Blog City Fair


Snack Stand

*Flagb* Come here to buy snacks!

*Flagb* UH OH! It seems as if we've only got a few snacks left. Well, we'll just have to auction them off to the highest bidder. *Bigsmile*

*Flagb* Bids for each package must increase by 1000 GPs.

*Flagb* Package donations welcome, contact CJ Reddick .

*FlagB* All forum posts regarding the auction must begin with a *Exclaimb* ({e:exclaimb})




A piñata for Blog City Fair!

*Partyhato* This is Chester, our unfortunate piñata!

*Partyhato* It costs 1000 GPs to hit Chester.

*Partyhato* Each time you hit Chester, he saves your GPs!

*Partyhato* At a random number (decided by virtual dice) of hits, Chester will break open!

*Partyhato* The person who breaks open Chester gets to keep all the GPs inside.

*Partyhato* Once Chester breaks, we'll glue him back together and start all over again.

*Partyhato* You can only hit Chester ten times per round. And you can only hit him one at a time. This means you have to wait for someone else to hit him before you can hit him again.

*Partyhato* Send your GPs in a forum post below. Start the title with *ExclaimO* ({e:ExclaimO})

*Partyhato* The number of hits for Chester to break will be between 1 and 100

*Partyhato* You MAY NOT hit on behalf of others.

*Partyhato* Once Chester breaks, a new round will start and you can hit him again!

Hits: Round One

Hits: Round Two



Pie-Eating Contest

*Picnictable* This is the pie eating competition! It's a review challenge!

*Picnictable* The rules are simple, you have to use the template below, and reviews must be 250 characters (without mL) or more. The template should help you if you're new at reviewing.

*Picnictable* The person who has eaten the most pies (i.e. done the most qualifying reviews) wins a Reviewing MB!

*Picnictable* You should affiliate your reviews with Blog City. If you are not a member, click here to join: "Blog City Building Permit [E]

*Picnictable* Link your reviews in a forum post. The title should begin with *ExclaimR* ({e:ExclaimR})


Copy-and-paste-able Version


~ SIGN UP FOR "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] HERE: "Blog City Building Permit [E]~

BACK TO "Blog City Fair [E]
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