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'When on the eve of glory, whilst brooding over the prospects of a bright and happy future, whilst meditating upon the risky right of justice, there we remain, wanderers on the cloudy surface of mental woe, disappointment and danger, inhabitants of the grim sphere of anticipated imagery, partakers of the poisonous dregs of concocted injustice. Yet such is life.'
― Amanda McKittrick Ros, Irene Iddesleigh

*Starbl* Thank you 🌕 HuntersMoon for the lovely Awardicon adorning this contest *Heart* *Starbl*

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I love pretty words.
I love descriptive, pretty words,
and I especially love pretty descriptive words.

Using my prompts, write me, in poetic prose, a story about a moment, a thought, or whatever is inspired.

Though most things are considered prose, Please look below for examples of what I am looking for in order to qualify for this contest.

Need an example of what I'm looking for? Check out the examples below.

Explanation between Poetry vs Poetic Prose:

Click below for an example of the difference between Poetry and Poetic Prose:

Click Here: Poetry vs Poetic Prose

Need more examples? Check out last year's entries:

Night & Day Prose Prompts and Entrants  (13+)
Night & Day Prose Prompts and Entrants
#2000675 by 🌑 Darleen - QoD

A bit of poetic prose by me:

"Broken Porcelain Doll by 🌑 Darleen - QoD

but I'm sure you all can do it better than me. Hey, I hear you giggling in the back. I tried!

My group is focused on the Dark Genre therefore there are three (3) qualifying ways to interpret my images that should allow for anyone to participate and remain under my umbrella of darkness:

1) Theme of the story remains dark
2) Theme goes from light to darkness,
3) Theme goes from the darkness to light

So, for those of you who don't want to feel restricted by rules and forms of poetry-- bring me your sweet, dark words.

After starting my Dark Poetry contest "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest , I didn't want to leave out short stories but there's plenty of Dark/Horror/Sinister Short story groups out there, and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to read more Poetic Prose. I love dark details.

*Moon**Sun**Moon* Life isn't all rainbows, unicorns, and happy feelings. *Moon**Sun**Moon*

Yes, I have said this before, but this time I want you to spin me a tale written in prose to explain these dark moments in life.

Dark Dreamscapes Short Story Poetic Prose Contest is a prompt based contest.
Running during summer only! (May, July, and September!)

For more freedom of expression the prose can definitely go up to XGC+.

Prompts will usually be a picture but be sure and read all the rules that go along with prompt!

Prose Rules Divider

*Note6* PLEASE READ: *Note6*

*Moon* Prose can be rated UP TO XGC+. But keep forum posts 13+ .
*Sun* Any genre goes as long as it's theme remains dark, goes from light to darkness,or goes from the darkness to light
*Moon* No prejudice towards sexual preferences or racism allowed I want dark not degrading
*Sun* Prose must follow the prompt(s); for pictures an obvious related inspiration is simply required, everything else is self explanatory and will be written out for each contest for no confusion.
*Moon* New Prose written during contest months only.
*Sun* Entries must be posted in BITEM format: {bitem:#######} , replace #'s with your item number or look here *Right* WritingML Help for b-item for more instructions
*Moon* I will not be accepting forum posts as entries.
*Sun* Each prose entry must be a minimum of 250words and not exceed 2000 words~ unless the prompt states other wise. Please post word counts both in the post and in your item
*Moon* Entry can be edited up until the contest ends but be forewarned I may read your entry early, so be prepared!
*Sun* One entry per round per person


Entries are due no later then 11:59pm WDC time on the last day of the month.
New Rounds start at Midnight WDC time the 1st of each month

Round 6 contest runs from September 1st 12am WDC to September 30th 11:59PM WDC

Winners will be announced no later than the 15th of the following month.

Prose Judges Entries

Judge  this round: 🌑 Darleen - QoD
Possible Guest Judges in the future

Judge's decision are final.

Judging Criteria:
I will be judging on Originality, your use of description and how prosey your story feels to me. Remember I'm not looking for poetry, I want a story, a moment captured, a dark thought explained in Prose. I like my emotions to be played with, and heightened. I like to be lost in the moment.

Remember that even though prose is extremely descriptive, it's important to still make your words count, we don't want to be bored with your descriptions, we want to be immersed in your description. That's the trick!

Prose Prizes Divider

Must have 5 entries for 1st place to be awarded (lower tier)
Must have 8 entries for 1st and 2nd to be awarded (lower tier)
Must have 10+ entries for all 3 places to be awarded (lower tier)
Must have 13+ entries HIGHER Tier Prizes to be awarded (60k/45k/30k)

If not enough entries for 1st place to be awarded, A Prose MB will be issued to the 1st place winner only, and if only one (1) entry , entrant will be rewarded with 5,000 GPs

Click Here for the Lower Prize Lists for 5-12 Entries (35k/20k/10k)

Click Here for the Large Prize Lists for 13+ Entries (60k/45k/30k)

Prose Donors Divider

Teerich - 2019 5k ~ Thank you for your generosity! *Heart*
DyrHearte writes 5k ~ Thank you for your generosity! *Heart*
TJ Marie 2k ~ Thank you for your generosity! *Heart*
angelina on vacation 1k ~ Thank you for your generosity! *Heart*
Witchy woman prays 4 Ukraine 100k ~ Thank you for your generosity! *Heart*


To maintain these great prizes this contest will need the support of donations. Every donation, no matter the size is highly appreciated.
Any donations of 40k or more will receive a Merit Badge from my personal funds as a thank you for your kind support.
Please send GPs directly to ID# 1982963 ("Dark Dreamscapes) or post them below.

Prose Prompts Divider


NDPPC Round 7 Prompt


Word min. 250-2000 max
1) Theme of the story remains dark OR
2) Theme goes from light to darkness, OR
3) Theme goes from the darkness to light

Prose Entries Divider

Click here for Entrants
Prose Winners Divider

Summer Round 6 (Sept)

*Trophyg* First:
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#2057977 by Not Available.

Honorable Mention:

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#2057399 by Not Available.

Please Check out "Dark Dreamscapes other contest "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest

Thank you iKïyå§ama for creating the title dividers to match my contest graphic *Heart*

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