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Gathering information to improve the experiences of people new to WDC.
Logo for the NRC

Big thank yous to ~ Spooky Sisco ~ and Elle - on hiatus for the beautiful plaque and ribbon that grace this page!
Quick link: {item:nrc}

The Newbie Research Center's goal is to improve the overall experience for people joining WDC by learning from the positive and negative experiences of active members on the site.

          *Questionv*  What gift mattered most to you as a newbie?
          *Questionv*  What made you feel most welcome?
          *Questionv*  Did certain groups make a big difference in your early experiences here at WDC?
          *Questionv*  What would have improved your experience?

We hope to gain answers to these questions and more through a series of surveys, polls, essays, and/or one-on-one email sessions with current newbies as well as non-newbie members of the site who remember their earliest experiences on Writing.com. The information gathered can be used by any group on WDC but may be particularly helpful for newbie-related groups whose goals are to teach, guide, and welcome new people.

The NRC hopes to release periodic findings from the collected data, but raw data can be made available as well. If a group would like specific information provided in the surveys, email a request or post in the forum below. If anyone has a survey or poll that they would like added to the list, either temporarily or permanently, please contact Cinn .

"Contests & Activities Newsletter (March 9, 2016)

Suggested areas of research are welcome.
Group affiliations are welcome.
Donations are welcome. Donations of 20k or more will receive a Merit Badge.
"Newbie Research Center Funds
Generous Donors

If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to keep private, please feel free to contact Cinn . For all other inquiries, please feel free to post in the forum below.

*Exclaimo*  All surveys may be filled out anonymously to ensure honesty of responses.

*Exclaimo*  Anyone may fill out the surveys unless stated otherwise. We can learn from the early experiences of both newbies and non-newbies. We were all newbies once, right? *Wink*

*Exclaimo*  All surveys currently pay 200 gp each. If we receive donations, the amount may increase. Any way for newbies to earn a little extra gp is supported by the NRC!

Surveys (All Welcome!) -- More surveys are in the works and will be added once I have received a significant number of responses for these.

"Basic Newbie Experience Survey  21 Questions
"Preferred Gifts Survey  12 Questions
"Reviews Given Survey  16 Questions
"Reviews Received Survey  15 Questions
"Contest Survey  21 Questions

NRC Project(s)
*Exclaimo* Do you have a portfolio awardicon yet? Head over to the NRC's portfolio activity:
Newbie Portfolio Project  (E)
How would you like a pretty ribbon for your portfolio? Non-newbies welcome!
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*Exclaimo* Want to earn an MB every month? Want to learn how to earn even more? Check out:
Newbie Merit Badge Project  (E)
Newbies: Want to earn some merit badges?
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*Exclaimo* Need some help finding your way around WDC? If you want a guided tour of all the major areas of Writing.Com, check out the Getting Started Tutorial here:
WDC Video Help Desk  (E)
Come SEE how it's done with Writing.Com video tutorials
#2141673 by Cinn

The NRC is proud to be affiliated with the following excellent newbie-friendly groups, contests, and activities:

"Newbie Help And Support Group on hiatus - A very helpful group! I particularly recommend the "Review Central Plug Page - on hiatus.

"The Rockin' Reviewers - Let the Paper Doll Gang help you get comfortable with reviewing!

"Invalid Item - For all of you poets who have been on WDC for a year or less.

"Newbies ONLY Short Story & Poem Contest
"Invalid Item

Check out these sig/cNote shops! Proceeds help fund the NRC!
OWL C-Notes  (E)
OWL C-Notes to benefit The Newbie Research Center
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The Owlry Signature Shop  (E)
Welcome to The Owlry
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