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How would you like a pretty ribbon for your portfolio? Non-newbies welcome!
The logo for the Newbie Portfolio Project
Get Involved. Get a Ribbon.

"The Newbie Research Center surveys received so far indicate that newbies prize Awardicons over all other gifts. I thought that it would be nice to spread some cheer and welcome new people to WDC with portfolio ribbons. *Smile*

This activity is open to both traditional (6 months or less) and non-traditional newbies (older account but only recently became active in the community). Any new person who does not have a portfolio awardicon is eligible.

There are currently two ways to receive a ribbon:

1. As a simple gift.

*Check5* If you are active on the site and would like a ribbon, you can post in the forum below that you would like to be considered.
*Check5* If someone else thinks that you deserve a portfolio awardicon, they may request one for you as well!
*Check5* If I stumble upon your portfolio and think that you are active and trying hard, I will award one as a gift. *Smile*

2. Earn it. - Currently Unavailable Nominate yourself below... be sure to have sent a few reviews, added a few items to your port, and shown some evidence of exploring the site or getting involved.

For Non-Newbies

Have you seen a newbie around the site who is active and trying to be involved in the community? Feel free to nominate him or her for an awardicon.

If for some reason you do not have a portfolio awardicon yourself and would like one, you can donate! Any donation of 20k or more will receive a Merit Badge, but if you would rather have a portfolio ribbon, I'm happy to oblige! You can get your ribbon and help a newbie get one at the same time. *Smile*

Donations can be made to "Newbie Research Center Funds or through the forum

Newbies Awarded




Total Ribbons Given: 755

Plus 1 Special 50k Ribbon for:

Earn It! Progress

Heartfelt thank yous to ~Dragon~ and DMCarroll for the beautiful
ribbons that grace this page!
I am pleased to note that both were also newbie recipients of NPP ribbons themselves!

Want to earn a merit badge too?

Newbie Merit Badge Project  (E)
Newbies: Want to earn some merit badges?
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Need some help finding your way around WDC?

WDC Video Help Desk  (E)
Come SEE how it's done with Writing.Com video tutorials
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