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by Sunnie
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We see each other around here every where, so let's get to know each other a little more.
Oakleaf: Tell me about you
Archways Welcome

Tell Me About Yourself!!!

Okay, I admit it, I saw this in another port and loved the idea! So, I'm a copy cat *Cat2**Cat* And thank you IntueyL&L2P'ColaNAS for not minding and letting me *Heart*

I want you to tell me what I don't know already about you at Writing Dot Com.

Tell me about your life! What kind of things do you like to do? Where do you work? Are you healthy? How many kids do you have? How many times have you been married? Where do you live? Do you enjoy crafts, mountains, beach? What hobbies do you like? Do you have kids, grandkids? How old are you? Okay, maybe just your month and day and not the year! *Rolleyes* Do you love animals? Do you use your real name here on Writing Dot Com and if not wanna share? Oh come on, be brave *Laugh* The user name you choose to use what made you choose it?

Tell me where all you lived before, where you live now. What place do you like to live the most? Where would you live if you could? Do you go to School? Do you work? Do you have a fantasy that's not too racy ~*Teddy* ~ And, of course What is your sign? *Laugh* Tell me about a good story to read here that you have created I would love to read it. Like Movies or Television? Tell me the good movies to go see. Tell me the good shows to watch on Television. Do you like sports? What are your teams? Who do you not like?

Can't wait to get to know you more better!!! And if there is anything I have not asked and you wanna share more feel free to share as much or as little as you would like! *Writing* *Reading*

Do you have other things that you would rather share? I mean like you do not have to answer the questions I suggested you can share whatever you would like about you as the above are just merely suggestions *Smile* Example: Are you left-handed? I am and I find a lot of people aren't! See sharing what you choose, my friend. This is just a friendly place to which you can share as much or as little as you choose *Smile* It is all just about getting to know one another!

You are welcome to come in here and share as many times as you would like, there are no limits to sharing and you are always welcome and remember you can share as much or as little as you would like *Smile*

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by Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo · 07-04-18 @ 12:12 pm
by Sunnie · 07-04-18 @ 11:07 am
by Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo · 07-03-18 @ 9:08 am
by Sunnie · 03-17-18 @ 3:33 pm
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by Sunnie · 11-21-17 @ 6:36 pm
by Nomad · 11-21-17 @ 11:05 am
by Sunnie · 11-04-17 @ 12:24 pm
by ~Lifelessons~ · 01-03-17 @ 8:55 pm
by Sunnie · 10-22-16 @ 8:10 pm
by Mari McKee · 10-01-16 @ 1:48 pm

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