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Debuting for WDC Birthday Bash - Write About 2000 with these prompts and win!
I Love
Thanks to Intuey. :)

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(Thanks to Intuey for the beautiful image. *Bigsmile*)

Welcome to the first round of I love the 2000s!

*Peace* I thought the birthday bash of Writing.com would be a perfect time to debut this contest. The rules are simple: every month this contest will take place. I will have specific prompts relating to pop culture, current events and random trivia that happened throughout the 2000s. I will have three distinct categories: poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Please only choose one. *Peace*

*Cakep* Since it is Writing.com's 15th birthday, I have a wild card prompt. For this wild card prompt, you can write in any format.

*Cakeb* The prompt is as follows: On September 7, 2000 at the MTV Music Awards, Tim Commerford, member of the band Rage Against the Machine, climbed a piece of set scaffolding and refusing to come down after his band lost the award for Best Rock Video to Limp Bizkit. This was the most remembered aspect of the VMAs in 2000. Write about this from what was going on his mind, his anger, etc. Get creative. *Bigsmile*

The following prompts will be part of the regular contests. For September, the prompts are related to what happened in the year 2000. Please select one of the following:

WILD CARD! Write a poem about a memory you have that happened between the years 2000-2009.

In 40 lines or less, please write about this member. Please include line count in your bItem submission.


Fads for the year 2000. I remember Bratz, Beyblades, flare jeans, Razr scooters, and so many others. What were some of your favorites? Least favorite? How did you respond to the hype? Did it change you as a person?

In 900 words or less, please write about a fad. Please include line count in your bItem submission.


Ah, yes, election time! I'm sure we all remember that fiasco on Election Night 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore with the hanging chads, the indecision of who actually did win, the court cases, the ballots being shipped from all over and then the anger when George W. Bush was finally announced president of the United States.

Research will be important for this prompt, PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH! In 5000 words or less, please write about this election with its implications and how it continues to change elections. Please include word count in your bItem.

*Cake2* Prizes *Cakep*

*Tophat* 1st Place: 50K Awardicon and Merit Badge *Tophat*
*Tower* 2nd Place: 25K Awardicon and Merit Badge *Tower*
*Cat* 3rd Place: 10K Awardicon and Merit Badge *Cat2*
*Pawprints* Honorable Mentions awarded at Judge's Discretion: Merit Badge *Paw*

*Guitar* 5 Entries or fewer: Only 1st place will be rewarded
*Violin* 6-8 Entries: 1st and 2nd place
*Piano* Above 8: All places rewarded

*Confettib* Anyone donating 40K or more will receive a Merit Badge. GPs will help go toward Prizes! *Confettibl*

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