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by Dragyn
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A Chinese New Year-themed raffle- 2020 open!

Completely hand-made and hand-drawn

I'm hosting a Chinese New Year celebration fundraiser. Care to join?

Chinese New Year is on January 25th this year, which means this celebration will begin on February 8 and end on March 8th, at 11:59 pm, WdC Time. To learn more about Chinese New Year/the zodiac animals, click here.  
Wondering why we've got red envelopes? Click here!  
To help spread the word, we have an alias! {item:cny} *Bigsmile*

Already know what's up?
For the packages, click here!
For the posts, click here!

The breakdown of funds:
50%- commissioning a new MB
40%- "Newbie Portfolio Project

GOAL: 1 million GPs!
100% of GPs raised = 1 million GPs total!

Our wonderful 2015-2016 donors:
Our wonderful 2016-2017 donors:
Our wonderful 2017-2018 donors:
Our wonderful 2018-2019 donors:
Our wonderful 2019-2020 donors:

The Basics:
Tickets for the packages are 1,000 GPs each
Any 50K red envelope purchase or 50K donation will get you the Lucky Trinket. *Delight*
Donations or red envelope purchases 100K and up will get you the new MB once it's out! *Thumbsup*
If your package raises over 100K you will also receive either this year's trinket or a MB.

Last year, we raised 1,603,000 GPs. *Shock2* Let's do it again this year! *Heart*

There's all sorts of nice packages below; the zodiac animals   were kind enough to get some WdC members to donate a few.

Rat's Package:
1 Chinese Knot (sent via snail mail)
2 custom images of winner's choice, with sketch drafts also sent via snail mail

From Dragyn
Serial #6 of the Rat Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Kittiara #27
ticket holders:

Ox's Package:
1 Rising Stars Exclusive MB (WdC's Brightest Stars) for the winner.
1 25K Awardicon on any item in the winners port, winner's choice

From Lilli ☕ *Checkg*
Serial #6 of Ox Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Richard YAY! #33
ticket holders:

Tiger's Package
My Weatherwax MB AND it’s physical version
From Kittiara *Checkg* DONE
Serial #6 of Tiger Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Carol St.Ann is FIFTEEN! #26
ticket holders:

Rabbit's Package
1 custom image from Dragyn Designs for winner and a friend- must be redeemed within 6 months
From Dragyn
Serial #6 of Rabbit Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Lilli ☕ #2
ticket holders:

Dragon's Package
“Early to Bed, Early to Rise” Exclusive MB
From pwheeler: super busy September *Checkg* DONE
Serial #6 of the Dragon Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Intuey #44
ticket holders:

Snake's Package
A community MB the winner doesn't own
A 10K awardicon to an item of my choosing in the winner's port,
10 raffle tickets to a future raffle.

From queenkissy *Checkg*
Serial #6 of Snake Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: SB Musing #62
ticket holders:

Horse's Package
MB the winner doesn't have yet
3 in-depth reviews

From Angelica- Changing Colors Fall
Serial #6 of Horse Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Richard YAY! #23
ticket holders:

Goat's Package
Winner’s choice of one of my exclusive MBs: Song of Hope, Believe or Dream
Or a Community MB they don't have yet, if possible.
A port scan with a 25K Ribbon Awarded.

From Intuey *Checkg*
Serial #6 of Goat Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Richard YAY! #36
ticket holders:

Monkey's Package
a Writing.Com Journal and Pen Set
Physical Address Must Be On File!

From Kate - Writing & Reading
Serial #6 of Monkey Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Richard YAY! #28
ticket holders:

Rooster's Package
1 MB for the winner and a friend
Port scan with a 25K award
1 custom image from Dragyn Designs- must be redeemed within 6 months

From Dragyn
Serial #6 of Rooster Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Kate - Writing & Reading #1
ticket holders:

Dog's Package
MB of choice for winner and friend
From J.L. O'Dell
Serial #6 of Dog Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Choconut #8
ticket holders:

Pig's Package
A choice of my Kit's Award, Kit's Stamp of Approval, Kit's Higher Ratings Contest, or Rock On Merit Badge for the winner AND a friend
A port scan for the winner and a 25K Awardicon for an item of my choice.

From Kittiara
Serial #6 of Pig Trinket:

From Dragyn
WINNER: Schnujo #122
ticket holders: