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A Chinese New Year-themed raffle extraordinaire- 2019 round closed! Come back next year!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Main image for Chinese New Year Celebration fundraiser

I'm hosting a Chinese New Year celebration fundraiser. Care to join?

Chinese New Year is on February 5th this year, which means this celebration will begin on February 5th and end on March 5th, at 11:59 pm, WdC Time. this celebration is now CLOSED. Thank you everyone for your participation! I will begin contacting people regarding packages in the very near future, so keep an eye out on your inboxes!
PLEASE NOTE: The "*Checkg* FULFILLED" goes next to the donor, not the whole package. If the whole package is done, you will see the message next to the animal's name.
To learn more about Chinese New Year/the zodiac animals, click here.  
Wondering why we've got red envelopes? Click here!  
To help spread the word, we have an alias! {item:cny} *Bigsmile*

Already know what's up?
For the packages, click here!
For the Grand Prize tickets, click here!
For the posts, click here!

The breakdown of funds:
50%- commissioning a "Graduation" MB
40%- "We Write for Kids Group

GOAL: 2 million GPs!
80.15% of GPs raised = 1605000 total!

Our wonderful 2015-2016 donors:
Our wonderful 2016-2017 donors:
Our wonderful 2017-2018 donors:
Our wonderful 2018-2019 donors:

The Basics:
Tickets for the packages are 1,000 GPs each, and Grand Prize tickets are 2,000 GPs each
Any 50K red envelope purchase or 50K donation will get you the Lucky Trinket. *Delight*
Donations or red envelope purchases 100K and up will get you the new MB once it's out! *Thumbsup*
If your package raises over 100K you will also receive either this year's trinket or a MB.

Last year, we raised 1,187,000 GPs. *Shock2* Let's do it again this year!

There's all sorts of nice packages below; the zodiac animals   were kind enough to get some WdC members to donate a few.

Rat's Package:
a non-exclusive MB
5k in raffle tickets
3 reviews
an awardicon to my favorite item

From Queen Kissy Mourns
1 community MB each for the winner and 9 friends
From Schnujo Won NaNo! *Check* FULFILLED
Serial #5 of the Rat Trinket: *Checkg* SENT

From Dragon
ticket holders:

Ox's Package: *Checkg* FULFILLED
My later gator badge for winner and a friend
25 k awardicon for winner and a friend
50 k awardicon for winner
5k in raffle tickets to whatever else is running at time of winning
Virtual hug and lots of love to the winner *Geek*

From Jaynelf the Reindeer Caretaker
Serial #5 of Ox Trinket: *Checkg* FULFILLED

From Dragon
ticket holders:

Tiger's Package
One of each of my exclusive MBs:
A Very British Group
Cards Against Authors
The Challenge
WDC Teens

From Shaye
Serial #5 of Tiger Trinket:

From Dragon *Checkg* SENT
ticket holders:

Rabbit's Package *Checkg* FULFILLED
1 Signed copy of my book, 100  
1 #NorbAF bracelet
1 Norb Award MB.

From Fivesixer
Serial #5 of Rabbit Trinket:

From Dragon *Checkg* SENT
ticket holders:

Dragon's Package *Checkg* FULFILLED
A 'Coffee with Lilli' MB
A 25k Awardicon

From Lilli *Checkg* SENT
3 short story reviews of user's choice up to 10,000 words each
1 merit badge.

From Charity Marie-Is Moving!
Serial #5 of the Dragon Trinket:

From Dragon *Checkg* SENT
ticket holders:

Snake's Package *Checkg* FULFILLED
2 Reviews
Non-exclusive MB of winner's choice
25K Awardicon

From Char 🌈
Serial #5 of Snake Trinket:

From Dragon *Checkg* SENT
ticket holders:

Horse's Package *Checkg* FULFILLED
A $15 gift coupon toward the purchase of a wreath at Wreaths by Kevin  
Etsy calculates shipping on its own, so I am able to ship in the US or Internationally!

From 🦄🏳️‍🌈Sapph
Serial #5 of Horse Trinket:

From Dragon
ticket holders:

Goat's Package *CheckG* FULFILLED!
3 poetry reviews
10k Awardicon
A Merit Badge
1500 gp certificate to "The Write Shop
5k certificate to "Flight of Fantasy Signature Shop

From eyestar~Go Power Raiders
Serial #5 of Goat Trinket:

From Dragon *Checkg* SENT
ticket holders:

Monkey's Package
5 Reviews
10K Awardicon to my favorite of the 5
Non-exclusive Merit Badge

7 Reviews of items up to 3000 words each
3 C-notes of my choosing to winner’s friend
2 Reviews of items up to 3000 words each for a friend

From Charity Marie-Is Moving!
Serial #5 of Monkey Trinket:

From Dragon *Checkg* SENT
ticket holders: