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This is now reopened. this is for everybody who joins, or wishes to join our group.
The "Fantasy and Science Fiction Society

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I dream my painting and I paint my dream. - Vincent van Gogh

What is Thrice Prompted?

Thrice Prompted in a continuous activity to inspire you to write stories. For every 3 stories you write using the prompts, you win a merit badge! but it is up to you to keep a record of all things you write for this... You must email me with the item numbers for verification before merit badges will be given. There are no deadlines in this activity. This means you can take as long as you like to produce a story. We aren't judging you compared to others, either. This activity simply rewards you for writing!

You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write. - Saul Bellow


Use one (or a combination) of the following prompts to inspire a story. Once 3 stories have been inspired you win a Merit Badge.

None of the prompts inspiring you? Check back soon as I will regularly update the list with more prompts, or just choose one of your own, just list it on the piece as the prompt you used.

*Bulletg*          Write from the point of view of a magical object
*Bulletg*          I always had the worst hangovers when I come back from the dead
*Bulletg*          The aliens were here all along
*Bulletg*          Aliens are alcoholics and they have come here to steal Earth's beer
*Bulletg*          Levitation
*Bulletg*          the girls body was charged with electricty and shes dangerous to everyone
*Bulletg*          you wander through the ruins of a great city, and there you see an old man staring at you wearing a rusted crown.
*Bulletg*          The key to another dimension
*Bulletg*          Two worlds collide
*Bulletg*          It is discovered that telepaths are the only way to send faster than light messages across the universe
*Bulletg*          The portal closed suddenly
*Bulletg*          Write from the perspective of a character with strong opinions that oppose your own
*Bulletg*          Subvert a romance cliche
*Bulletg*          The ultimate prank
*Bulletg*          The Monster under the bed
*Bulletg*          The story of how he won his heart is thrilling. The story of how he destroyed it is devastating.
*Bulletg*          you wake up and you're the only person left in the world
*Bulletg*          Write a fantasy/sci-fi story based on the lyrics of a song in the charts
*Bulletg*          Use one (or more) of the quotes on this page as your prompt
*Bulletg*          The house was alive
*Bulletg*          The Mirror dimension and everything is backward
*Bulletg*          Fake News about the destruction of the world
*Bulletg*          Tell a story in a series of text messages (or similar communication medium)
*Bulletg*          No one ever checks out of this hotel
*Bulletg*          Take a famous poem and rewrite it as a fantasy/sci-fi story

Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions. - Paulo Coelho

What are the rules?

1. Your story must be between 500 and 6000 words
2. Your story must include at least 1 fantasy and/or science fiction element
3. You MUST write the word count at the top of the item or book entry
4. You must state what prompted the piece you wrote, put it at the top of the item or book entry
5. Your story must be rated 18+ or lower (No vore or non-consensual erotica)
6. Stories must be linked in the forum using an item or bitem link for items, and the entry or fentry for book entries
7. You are allowed (in fact encouraged) to edit your piece as much as you want even after submission
8. Your piece must be accessible to at least registered authors and higher

9. All items must be newly written for the activity
10. Stories should be posted as individual items or book entries
11. All 3 stories must follow all the rules to count

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. - Anton Chekhov


Although the best prize is that you have a story to work with and show off, there are also some other prizes on offer! For every 3 stories you enter, you win a prize:

3 stories: FSFS Merit Badge
6 stories: Awardicon on the best story (please tell me your top 3 to be judged)
9 stories: Merit Badge
12 stories: Awardicon on the best (please tell me your top 3 to be judged)
Alternating MB and Awardicon

Anybody donating 30k or more GPS to the group will receive their choice of Merit badges

Monthly Bonus Prize
Each month I am offering a bonus prize. For every story submitted in a given month 10K GPs is added to the bonus prize pot (up to a maximum of 200K). Each story submitted in that month counts as a raffle ticket to give you a chance of winning the bonus prize pot!

prizes distributed soon, as soon as I figure out how to send the GP's from the group instead of my bank.


The following members have entered stories:

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Good Luck!
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