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Rated: 18+ · Message Forum · Comedy · #2045674
Got a funny anecdote? Wanna win an Awardicon, Merit Badge or GPs? Bring it! 50% to RAOK!

Clip art for my contest

A HUGE thanks to ruwth , for the winning contest title. Its perfect! *Smile*

Thank you to My Mothers Angel in my Ear for the beautiful Awardicon that graces our contest! *Delight*

Do you have a funny anecdote? Sure, we all do! Tons and tons of those red-in-the-face, never-live-this-down kinda stories that have friends and family alike ROTFLing.

Think your anecdote is funny enough to win prizes?

I LOVE to laugh - its nature's own remedy for what ails ya. I can't help but find myself sometimes thinking back at some embarassing thing I did, and I laugh til I can't breathe. Yeah, I get some weird looks, but hey, they are just the makings of another hilarious anecdote! *Laugh*

Clipart for my contest

An anecdote is always non-fiction, and either a true, funny personal experience or a rendering of someone else's. Here is an example:

 You Kinda Had To Be There...  (E)
A beach trip to remember...much to my chagrin.
#2041401 by Word Warrior beating cancer!!

Short stories and poetry are NOT eligible!

Sure, you may think anecdotes are easy - you tell them, and people are wiping away tears and needing to go tinkle. BUT that same story as a piece of writing might send em looking for a good place to nap. *Confused*

You see, your facial and hand expressions along with the inflection in your voice are a huge part of what makes a funny story, well... funny. Take that off the table, and things can get tricky.

Now I know you're asking yourself, Sure, WW, you get all the laughs, but what's in this for me? *Confused*

Well, funny you should ask that!


{{font:comic}FIRST PLACE: An Awardicon worth 10, 000 GPs

SECOND PLACE: A Comedy Merit Badge Merit Badge in Comedy
[Click For More Info]

Winner of my Newbie comedy challenge. Thank you for making me laugh. worth 10, 000 GPs

THIRD PLACE: 10, 000 GPs

*Burstv* Prizes will increase as donations come in.


Entries will judged by me, Word Warrior beating cancer!!

● Entries will be judged by hilarity of story (but please don't embellish - I will use the honor system here.)

● Grammatical errors take away points, so do polish your work before submitting.

● The ability to relate the story in a way that will keep it as funny as the day it happened. In other words, keep it real, but show me the funny!

Sounds good, huh? But there are rules - ah, but aren't there always? *Bigsmile*


Only ONE entry per member, per round, as I will be reviewing all entries.

● Contest will run monthly, from the first day of the month to the last. Contest will be closed for judging at 11:00 p.m., WDC time, the last day of the month.

● Entries must be in bitem format. In case you are not familiar on how linking works, please refer to:
"Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format

Entries must be no longer than 5,000 words. Please include a word count at the top of the body of your entry.

● Entries must not exceed a rating of 18+.

● Editing is allowed up to contest end date, BUT once I have reviewed entry, editing won't help your score.

● Entry may be old or new, but must be in your portfolio.

● Previously awarded items are allowed.

● New rules may be added later at my discretion, as needed.


Donations are accepted and well appreciated *Heart*. 50% of all donations will go to RAOK.

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