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a Halloween auction + TRIPLE RAFFLE+ 100% original, handmade Halloween sigs! Closed! TY!
a Halloween auction + TRIPLE RAFFLE+ 100% original, handmade Halloween sigs! Closed! TY!

Halloween is almost here. Did you buy your candy yet? What about your decorations? Here's your chance to buy some- and stock up on that candy corn for trick-or-treaters!

Here's how it works:

*Jackolantern* Each image is an auction prize- please increase bids by at least 1K! You may bid or buy at any time until 11:59 pm on Halloween.
*Candycorn* You can buy bags of candy corn for 1000 GPs each. For Halloween 2018, all candy corn bags are only 500 GPs each! The winner of the raffle gets 20% of all proceeds! *Shock2*
*Bursto* NEW! *Bursto*

         There will be 3 raffle winners:
                    1x on the 13th -35% of ticket sales from October 1-13 (noon)
                    1x on the 26th -35% of ticket sales from October 13 (noon)-26 (midnight)
                    1x on the 31st- 20% of all funds from October 1-31

*Exclaimo* Any bulk candy corn purchases of 50K or more receive The Halloween Festival TRINKET.

The breakdown of funds:
45% "No Dialogue Contest - ON HIATUS
35% raffle pot- winners 1 and 2
20% Grand Prize Winner
remainder- my premium

1,000,000 GPs

820000 GPs raised

Sounds fun?

Let's start!

Already know the drill?
Click here for the raffle!

or click here for the posts!

ALAKAZAM! This wizard has mysterious magical powers, of which nobody quite understands the magnitude. Maybe you'll figure it out once he's in your port. *Think*

Minimum Bid: 15K 13K
Highest bid: 13K I'ma Gone NOT Forgotten ŴiTcH *Checkg* PAID +Delivered!

Careful, he's mad!
Careful... this dude has fangs and he's not afraid to use 'em! *Vamp*

Minimum Bid: 15K 11K 6K
Highest bid:

Purple merdragon
What on Earth? *Shock2* It's a Merdragon! You know, a Mermaid-Dragon? *Rolleyes* Anyways, they're looking for a new home. Will you provide one in your port?

Minimum Bid: 10K
Highest bid: 21K Lilli Munster ☕ *Checkg* PAID + Delivered!

Not to be outdone by her Merdragon companion, this Merwitch is making an appearance at this year's Halloween Festival too. Will you house her in your port?

Minimum Bid: 15K 13K
Highest bid: 13K Jenstrying *Checkg* PAID + Delivered!

Pirate Day
Arrrr! Let people know who's boss with this pirate hat- you'll be Captain in no time!

Minimum Bid: 10K 7K
Highest Bid: 8K Jenstrying *Checkg* PAID + Delivered!

A feline-giraffe-unicorn.
This Felafficorn is a relative of the Girelliecaticorn, just a couple generations older. Nobody had thought to breed the offspring with elephants, yet. *Think*

Minimum Bid: 13K
Highest Bid: 25K Schnujo Cujo Misses Fangus *Checkg* PAID! +10K donation + Delivered!

Giraffe-elephant-cat-unicorn breed
This Girelliecaticorn is a one-of-a-kind Giraffe-Elephant-Cat-Unicorn breed! Would you give them a home in your port?

Minimum Bid: 13K 10K 5K
Highest Bid: 15K LdyPhoenix *Checkg* PAID + Delivered!

Not all fluffies need to be pink...
Not everything that's fluffy needs to be pink- purple, fluffy pumpkins are a thing!

Minimum Bid: 8K
Highest Bid: 10K 🌜 Howling @ HuntersMoon *Checkg* PAID + Delivered!


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