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A forum to talk about fairy tale Princesses.
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Welcome to the forum for fairy tale princesses. This is the place to talk about Cinderella, Elsa, Maleficent and anything to do with fairy tales. Do you like "Once Upon A Time?" "Frozen"? Write about it. Write your own fairy tale and share it. The choice is yours. This forum is for children and teens as well so be careful with the language.

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I hope you will want to join the group. I haven't decided what the group is going to do but I hope things work out. To join the group, send me an e-mail.

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Fairy Tale Princess Group  (E)
A group for those who love fairy tale Princesses.
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Fairy Tale Writing Prompts
1.Instead of a house made out of gingerbread, Hansel and Gretel discover a house made of what else? Instead of a witch living there, who lives there?

2. What if Cinderella refused to marry the prince?

3. Elsa was suddenly warm blooded and couldn't make snow and cold weather?

4. What if Red Riding Hood became a close friend to the wolf?

5. What if the Bremen Town Musician animals got a recording contract?

6. Suppose the elves refused to make shoes for the shoe maker.

7. Captain Hook was a nice guy, married Lily, was a nice pirate and Peter Pan's friend?

8. Sleeping Beauty woke up without the prince's kiss.

9. Snow White accidentally breaks the mirror. What happens next?

10. The queen never found out Rumplestiltskin's name. What happened next?

11. Instead of the mermaid becoming human, the prince agreed to become a sea creature. How does this change the story?

12. Instead of a pea, the princess slept on rocks?

13. Beauty liked the prince better as a beast. Does she stay with him or leave?

14. Tinkerbell became human. Would Peter Pan grow up or stay a boy? Would he love Wendy or Tinkerbell?

amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! added these prompts:

15. What if Belle didn't like books?

16. What if Snow White's Prince fell for the Queen instead?

17. What if Aurora decided not to go back to the palace and remained a peasant?

18. What if Cinderella's Prince decided to marry one of her step sisters?

19. What if the little mermaid ended the Grimm's Way instead of the Disney way? In Grimm's, the little Mermaid's man married someone else and she turned to sea foam.

Thanks, Amy!

A prompt I borrowed.

20. What if fairy tales started with: "Twice Upon A Place" instead of Once Upon A Time?"

21. I read a book where Belle got lost in a book about a beautiful fantasy, fairy tale world and was fooled by Death herself. With that in mind, write a story about Belle being lost in a book and trapped in an unforgiving world and how the beast rescues her.

22. Elsa meets and rescues a unicorn. Can you write a story about this?

23. Fairy Tales are road maps to the heart so put your best dress on and get ready for an adventure!

24. Write a story or poem about five of your favorite Fairy Tale Princesses.

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Write me a story or poem about any of these. No erotica. Keep the rating ASR. No more then 1,000 words. Post story in this forum. Use form. I will award a Awardicon or Merit Badge to the story or poem I or Sunnie } likes best. Write 2 stories for the challenge and get your own Elsa Merit Badge. I may add more prompts later. Have fun!

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Check out this contest.
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Hope to see you here. I hope we have a lot of fairy tale fans.

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