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Because sometimes gifts are not enough
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Welcome to Charlie ~ thx anon 's WdC birthday party

Happy birthday Charlie
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Sup kid,

I wanted to write some cute tribute for your birthday but I realized that you don't really like sweet words. I know, and you know, that I already wrote a lot of words for you already but I guess there will never be enough of them. That is the reason why I'm writing this now. Some people come into our life and barely leave a trace, while the others leave strong footprints etched on our heart. My friend, you have been stamping all over my heart since the day we met. I still remember when I posted a note into newsfeed asking if there's any writers who are having tattoos because I was planning to get one. Then you popped in saying that you have a bunch of them all over your body and I have found another tattoo lover between the writers. I think that it took only one 'inner beauty' MB and one 'parenting' MB (just because you hate it) to start that WdC friendship even though I already adopted you with pure white awardicon in your portfolio before that. I wasn't really here when you first signed up due to my real life issues, I mean job, but I swear I followed your "Fragments of Being journey through hundred days and cheered for you from my ship's cabin #A 707, sometimes from the emergency staircases, depend where could I catch the WiFi connection at the ship.

I didn't really care if you wanted me as a friend here. I mean, we don't have similar writing style or anything like that but you have to admit that we have some things in common: both of us became yellow on the same day, July 14.2014. and I am looking forward to turn into blue the same day like you because I don't wanna do it without you. Both of us have that fucking motion sickness if we're driving in the car which is so annoying, we have anemic reaction to sun rays and thousand sent IMs, I's written as i and don't's written as dont, virtual hugs and cuddles and whispers in chat that most of the time went in public and looked really stupid because they were whispers of fighting. Actually, I have a bad memory when it comes about those so forget that I even mentioned it. Life sometimes pulled the rug from under our feet but that didn't leave us bald, we would just go and buy another one because we are so damn invincible. You know that I have died thousand deaths for you, especially that day when I got upset to that point that I wanted to leave but somehow I kept being alive because I didn't want my problems to be bigger than yours for the reason I need to always be there for you, and be able to comfort you anyhow. Now I cannot imagine my WdC life without you around and don't you ever dare to leave me here because there is so many contests yet to be judged and so many poetry to be written.

No matter how much distance seems to be between us you will need just one click for me to always be there for you. i love you forever son, you are worth the sun in sleepless nights.

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Come and join me in celebrating Charlie's birthday on December 17. He is one lucky boy because he is a lot younger than most of us here. (skank :P) Charlie has been around for over a year now and left enviable impact on many of us with his great poetic talent and his smart head. If you don't know Charlie through "The Muse of Music then I'm sure you have met him in his "Poetry folder. One way or another you can only love him or hate him. There's nothing in between. This forum is for those who love him of course, please feel free to leave your birthday messages, wishes and poetry for Charlie. He would love to hear from ALL of you.

Those of you who write messages in poetic form I will add all of them to this page separately and I will tag you under your poem. When I said that sometimes gifts are not enough I didn't mean that you don't need to send any of it at all. Be inspired by sending him MBes, awardicons, reviews, cNotes, any kind of gifts that require spending some GPs on it on December 17*Smirk*.

*Down* Since boredom is strictly forbidden at this party I have found more musical fun for you *Down*

90s Band Crossword Puzzle  (E)
Solve the clues to name these bands from the 90s
#2038009 by Charlie ~ thx anon

Classic Rock Bands Word Search  (E)
These bands are classics!
#2038013 by Charlie ~ thx anon

Aino Minako
"Charlie Poetry

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*Down* your poetry and birthday wishes here

Charlie's the Best

A man named Charlie came my way
with wit and brilliance shown day by day.
I'm glad to have met this man
who gives a darn about everyone
so I wish him joy, all God can
give to him for all he has done
for others along life's poetic pathway.
Thanks Charlie, for being my friend today.

by ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy
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Charlie, Charlie, you're that guy
who's really friendly, (somewhat shy.)
So glad to know someone so true
with all your words--Happy Birthday to you!

by Cu-Bella Lestrange
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Charlie, you're one of a kind
with a funny and quirky mind.
When I read what you write, I think I just might,
LMAO at what I might find. (Boom, Boom!)

by Teerich - 2019
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