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Raffle runs in rounds of 20 tickets, winner gets 25% and picks charitable recipient of 25%

BIG, BIG, BIG Prizes to be won!

Welcome to the new & improved Share & Care Raffle & Auction!

Raffle Tickets Cost 1,000 GP's Each! GPs must be included with purchase post, or I cannot issue the tickets until you find your way back to pay. What a bummer that would be all the way around!

*CheckV* What Makes It Different! *CheckV*

Basically this is a fairly ordinary raffle, with a bit of a spin to it. When a ticket holder wins, a WDC Contest / Group/ Activity or Charity wins too! I will not give you choices of whom you can select as a beneficiary, it is completely your choice! Just remember, it cannot be another member, it must be a WDC Contest / Group/ Activity / Charity, etc.

*CheckG* How it Works! *CheckG*

For each group of 20 tickets sold (a run), I will roll the virtual dice, determining the lucky winner for that run! The winner receives 25% of the proceeds from that round. Additionally, the beneficiary chosen by the purchaser when they win, also wins 25% of that rounds proceeds. (That comes out to 5,000 GP's each !) Pretty cool eh? Not only that, but 25% will also go to various WDC groups. These groups will change after every 5 runs so I can share the joy!

Once the dice have been rolled and the winner identified, payment will be made promptly to the winner and their beneficiary of choice. Results for each round will be posted in the forum, as well as in the list of ticket holders for each round.

***To view the results of the virtual dice rolls, go to virtual dice and enter item 2070352 at the top.***

*Check* How to Buy Tickets! *Check*

*Bullet* Place your order for tickets in the forum, and include the appropriate GP's for your ticket purchase in your post.

*Bullet* If you are purchasing several for yourself or another individual, keep in mind you may want them split over several runs (or rounds). Should you decide you want the tickets spread out over more than one run, please include that information when you are making your purchase post. (e.g. Split my 12 tickets over 3 runs. Thus giving you 4 tickets in 3 runs) If you would like me to split them up randomly, I can do that also, just tell me in your post. If you do not specify, I will split them up as I deem fair.

*Bullet* If you wish to gift tickets anonymously, simply email me with your order, including; how many tickets, recipients username, if or how you want the tickets split up, and full payment. I will be happy to issue the tickets privately. *Bigsmile*

*Heart* Chances of winning 1/20. This is much higher than many raffles out there.
*Heart* Guaranteed prize 5,000 GPS to the winner of each round, 5,000 GPS to a chosen beneficiary AND 25% (5,000 GPS) to a group I have selected for that run
*Heart* Nearly instant gratification, since their are multiple rounds and you do not have to wait until the very end to see if you win.
*Heart* Come on now...You know you want to play! *Laugh*

*CheckO* Proceeds! *CheckO*

You may be wondering where the other 25% of the proceeds go? It will go to "TLC Support Forum ~ Reach Your Goals!. It is strictly for this group. After all, it can't reward members if the bank is empty, right? Right! So I am trying to raise funds without having to ask for help, although donations will be graciously accepted and appreciated.

***PLEASE NOTE: I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of those wishing to buy me tickets! However, I'd like to ask that rather than purchase tickets in my name, please make a donation instead. I just don't feel comfortable competing against my participants. Thank you for your generosity and understanding.

Donations of any amount of GP's are gratefully accepted and appreciated!
Donate 35K or more and receive a regular merit badge of your choosing and one raffle ticket.
Donate 50K or more and receive the exclusive TLC commissioned merit badge and one raffle ticket.

Generous & Kind-Hearted Donors

Thank you!

Let's Raffle!

RUN ONE *complete*
RUN TWO *complete*
RUN THREE *complete*
RUN FOUR *complete*
RUN FIVE *complete*
RUN SIX *complete*
RUN SEVEN * complete*
RUN EIGHT * complete*
RUN NINE *complete*
RUN TEN *complete*
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