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A weekly raffle every Friday in February to benefit the 30-Day Bloggers Group.
Merit Badge in Blog Camping
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Traveling with you in Europe was so much fun, hope you join us again next August! Until then, we hope all your blogging experiences inspire you equally as much!

Lyn and Norb                     Merit Badge in 30DBC Winner
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Congratulations on your new "30DBC Winner" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #2064535] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

The "30-Day Blogging Challenge February Fundraiser Raffle Extravaganza!

Your hosts: Fivesixer and Frosty Lyn .

Each year, the "30-Day Blogging Challenge has relied on generous donors to maintain a quality writing contest that rewards its winners handsomely with Merit Badges and Awardicons. In 2015 we received our first commissioned MB specifically for the 30DBC winners as well, to go along with our exclusive Blog Camping MB that is given to the participants who complete our August challenge. We also contribute and participate in many other auctions and charity events, and have been a co-sponsor of the Best Blog award for WDC's "The Quill Awards.

*Music2* New for 2018: Part of the proceeds from this year's fundraiser will be going toward the launch of a brand new music-themed activity! If you remember the Soundtrackers group, this new activity will be very similar to that, with events running at different times throughout the year. Because Beth is no longer with us at WDC, I've decided to fill the void. Unfortunately, her groups/forums/MBs aren't recoverable, so I've had to start from scratch...and that includes building the forum, setting up the group, and commissioning a brand new Merit Badge (among other surprises I'm hoping to come up with along the way). Please, if you love music and writing about your favorite songs, bands, and experiences, spread the word...and help us get this great project off the ground and back to where Beth had it!

Thanks to some incredibly talented and kind writers, we're gonna raffle off some amazing prize packages each week during February! For your donation to the "30-Day Bloggers Group/"New S group, you'll get a chance at one of the following:

Package #1, drawn on Feb. 10th:
Winner: LJ-Catching Moonbeams

From WakeUpAndLive‍‍~ 2019 : One Non-Exclusive MB of winner's choice *Checkg*
From Andy52in52~Wodehousing : One 50k Awardicon on an unawarded item, One Exclusive MB the winner doesn't have *Checkg*
From Prosperous Snow Globe : Two Poetry reviews, One Short Story review, One Blog/Blog Entry review, 10k Awardicon on her favorite
From Char ♡ : 10k Awardicon, MB of winner's choice, 5k in raffle tickets *Checkg*
From Tiggy - catching up : MB of her choice, 10k Awardicon on winner's choice, 5k in raffle tickets or review credits *Checkg*
From PandaPaws; VET TECH in 2020! : Three Poetry reviews, 10k Awardicon on her favorite, MB of winner's choice for them and a friend

Tickets cost: 1000 GPs
Ticket Holders

Package #2, drawn on Feb. 17th:
Winner: Jayne

From ~Minja~ : Exclusive Minja MB, 25k Awardicon, Two Images ("Invalid Item and "Invalid Item) *Checkg*
From Frosty Lyn : Three Poetry or Short Story reviews, 25k Awardicon on her favorite, an Exclusive Love Shouldn't Hurt MB *Checkg*
From Lilli : MB of winner's choice, 2k in Gift Certificates to "The Confused Monkey Signature Shop for winner and a friend, Five raffle tickets to any open raffle *Checkg*
From Fivesixer : Three Poetry reviews of his choice, Poetry MB, 10k Awardicon on his favorite
From Kittiara : Choice of One of her Exclusive MBs (Kit's Award, Higher Ratings, Rock On, Stamp Of Approval), Three reviews, 25k Awardicon
From Dragon's prepping for CNY! : Three reviews of her choice, an Awardicon on her favorite, Five raffle tickets *Checkg*

Tickets cost: 1000 GPs
Ticket Holders

Package #3, drawn on Feb. 24th:
Winner: Lilli

From Jayne : One review on Story/Chapter item up to 10k words of winner's choice (this requires sufficient time for a proper review to be done. She will keep winner up to date as to where she's at. Please see her previous reviews to ensure you like how they are done), 1 review of her choice, 50k Ribbon on any item or folder of her choice OR she may put it on winner's port (her choice) *Checkg*
From Fivesixer : Blog Review, choice of Exclusive 30DBC Winner or Blog Camping MBs, 25k Awardicon
From Andy52in52~Wodehousing : 100k Awardicon to an unawarded item *Checkg*
From Sally - 4 years today! : Her Four Exclusive MBs (Newbie+ Poetry, Tweet Me A Story, PersonITfication, Chronic Illness Awareness)
From Choconut : Three reviews, 10k Awardicon on her favorite, Exclusive Verdant MB *Checkg*

Tickets cost: 2000 GPs
Ticket Holders

Package #4, drawn on Mar. 3rd:
Winner: ♥HOOves♥

From WhataNutso : One 12-Month Upgraded Membership *Checkg*
From Dragon's prepping for CNY! : Physical Package valued at $20-$40 (ships internationally)
From GeminiGem : Physical Friends Of Danger Dog MB, Inscribed copy of The Misadventures of Danger Dog (ships internationally), 3K GC to "Minja's Sig Shop, and 10k GC to "New Horizons Academy
From Fivesixer : Three Exclusive MBs (Blog Camping, 30DBC Winner, The Norb Award)

Tickets cost: 5000 GPs
Ticket Holders

Purchase a Season Pass! Get one ticket for each week's raffle at the discounted price of 7500 7000 6500 GPs!

Newbie Special Offer! If you have less than six months' experience at WDC (as of 2/1/18), you can save 20% on all ticket purchases!

Please indicate in your post which week(s) you'd like tickets for, and include the amount with your post. Also, if you plan on purchasing tickets for someone else, please tag the member so we can keep track of who's getting what. If you wish to gift tickets anonymously, please email Fivesixer and I'll arrange that for you. Items in each package are transferable; if you win something and wish to gift it to someone else, please contact the person responsible for fulfilling the donation. A "*Checkg*" denotes that portion of the package has been fulfilled.

A big thank you to all of our donors, our hosts, the bloggers who enter each month (Official and Unofficial rounds), and everyone who has supported the 30DBC throughout the years! Thanks for helping us along the way to becoming the longest-running blogging activity at WDC!

Best Raffle
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by Hanna · 02-28-18 @ 2:55 am
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by 🌜 Huntersmoon · 02-27-18 @ 11:01 pm
by Lilli · 02-27-18 @ 4:45 pm
by Fivesixer · 02-27-18 @ 4:41 pm
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