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Hear WDC poets read their poems aloud
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In 'real life', I don't know anyone who reads or writes poetry. So I never hear poetry. It isn't sounds, it is words on a page. I wanted to change that. I wanted to hear what Cinn 's poems sounded like...not the way I interpreted them, but the way she meant them to be heard. I wanted to hear Fi 's poems read the way she intended them to sound, accent and all. And so, this forum was created.

For your listening pleasure:

Poems will be listed by poet, and accompanied by a link to the WDC item so you can read the poem while you listen to it.

Reading of While Supplies Last   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of The Puzzle Paradox   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Waiting For Tang   - "Invalid Item
Reading of That Old Sizzle   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Frankenstanza   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Orchard On My Tongue   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of Poetry Blinders   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of Immortal To Me   - "Invalid Item
Reading of What Grief It Is To Love Some Poems Like Your Own   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of Before the Headache   - "Invalid Item
Reading of No Time to Protect Your Fragile Psyche   - "Invalid Entry *Badge*

Reading of The Forge   - "The Forge [ASR] *Badge*
Reading of The Water Rises   - "The Water Rises [18+]

Reading of Moonlight   - "Moonlight [E] *Badge*

Reading of The Song of Hope   - "Invalid Item *Badge*

Witchy woman prays 4 Ukraine
Reading of Poetic Night   - "Poetic Night [13+] *Badge*

Marci Missing Everyone
Reading of Invisible Illness   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of The Heart of a Poet   - "Invalid Item
Reading of A Whisper on a Stem   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Fibromyalgia   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of The Mask   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of A City Cracked and Divided   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of Hidden in Plain Sight   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of My Life in Abstract   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of With Our Hands   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of You'll Always Be My Baby   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of Water   - "Invalid Entry *Badge*

Reading of The Death of Summer   - "The Death Of Summer [E] *Badge*

~ Aqua ~
Reading of Rotting Inside   - "Invalid Item *Badge*

Steev the Friction Wizurd
Reading of The Rose of Hell   - "Invalid Item *Badge*

OctoPrepOnly InvisiDraghost
Reading of The Night Before Finals Week   - "The Night Before Finals Week [ASR] *Badge*
Reading of "Gone"   - "Gone [E]

Elle (she/her)
Reading of Kauri   - "Kauri [E] *Badge*
Reading of Good Clean Country Living   - "Good Clean Country Living [13+]
Reading of Ruapehu   - "Ruapehu [13+]
Reading of Boxing Day   - "Boxing Day [13+]
Reading of Aotearoa   - "Aotearoa [E]
Reading of Childhood Memories of a Younger Sister   - "Childhood Memories of a Younger Sister [E]
Reading of Dusty Memories   - "Dusty Memories [E]
Reading of My Brand New Firpensmaggle   - "My Brand New Firpensmaggle [E]

Reading of Hamster Musings   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of Crepe-paper Heart   - "Invalid Item

Choconut ~ Memoir? Me? Eek!
Reading of I Remember The Night   - "I Remember The Night [13+] *Badge*

Ren the Klutz!
Reading of E (Short for someone)   - "Invalid Entry *Badge*
Reading of Variations of Indigo   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of She's Settled Now   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Wintry Sensations   - "Invalid Entry

Whata Turkey
Reading of Pain   - "Pain [ASR] *Badge*
Reading of Headline: Break-in by Penguin   - "Headline: Break-in by Penguin [13+]
Reading of Faith's Premise   - "Faith's Premise [ASR]

PandaPaws Licensed VetTech
Reading of 9/11 - Remembered   - "9/11- Remembered [13+] *Badge*
Reading of Without The Stress, You Lack The Will   - "Without the stress, you lack the will

Reading of Fleeting Moment   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of Possessed   - "Invalid Item

Brother Nature
Reading of The Penguins Dropped By   - "The Penguins Dropped By [E] *Badge*

Reading of Linkin Logs   - "Invalid Entry *Badge*

Jellyfish - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Reading of Fishbones   - "Fishbones [13+] *Badge*

☮ The Grum Of Grums
Reading of Another Working Day   - "Another Working day [13+] *Badge*
Reading of Promises   - "Promises [18+]
Reading of Moving On   - "Moving On [13+]
Reading of Second Coming?   - "Second Coming? [GC]
Reading of Oogle Boogle Bugle Boy   - "Oogle Boogle Bugle Boy [13+]

Reading of Sailing Without Fear   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of Breathe   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Grateful  

Reading of The Poppies   - "The Poppies [E] *Badge*

Thankful Sonali WDC Power!
Reading of Wardrobe Malfunction   - "Wardrobe Malfunction [ASR] *Badge*

Reading of For my daughters   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of Depression   - "Invalid Item
Reading of Rule   - "Invalid Item

Reading of What If?   - "What If? [E] *Badge*

Ross Caplin
Reading of The Unknown Soldier   - "Invalid Item *Badge*

Reading of The Way I Miss You   - "Taming Drogon [GC] *Badge*
Reading of "on friendly meetings and lost love"   - "on friendly meetings and lost love

Reading of When My Laughter Ends   - "When My Laughter Ends *Badge*
Reading of Politics   - "Politics [18+]
Reading of "Abandoned By Myself   - "Abandoned By Myself

Warped Sanity
Reading of Hell Confined Matrimony   - "Hell Confined Matrimony [18+] *Badge*

Christopher Roy Denton
Reading of Procrastination   - "Procrastination. [ASR] *Badge*
Reading of Apocalypse   - "Apocalypse [ASR]
Reading of When Relationships Sink...   - "When Relationships Sink… [E]

~♥~ Krysha ~♥~
Reading of Window Reflections: Autumn on Gray   - "Invalid Item *Badge*
Reading of Flames   - "Invalid Item
Reading of In Dreams   - "Invalid Item
Reading of One More Day   - "Invalid Item
Reading of I Want To...(1st)   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of I Want To...(2nd)   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of 'Gainst The Foggy Window Panes   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of My Grandma Taught Me How To Knit   - "Invalid Entry
Reading of "My Beach"   - "Invalid Item
Reading of "Romeo & Juliet ~ A Sonnet"   - "Invalid Item

Andy~hating university
Reading of "Eternal Penance"   - "Eternal Penance [18+] *Badge*
Reading of "Little White Bird"   - "Little White Bird

Reading of Monarch   - "Monarch [E] *Badge*
Reading of Home Again   - "Home Again [E]
Reading of Red Wing   - "Red Wing [ASR]
Reading of Mistakes   - "Mistakes [GC]
Reading of Callused Hands   - "Callused Hands [ASR]
Reading of The Photographer   - "The Photographer [ASR]
Reading of Enlightenment   - "Enlightenment [E]
Reading of Vestiges of Life   - "Vestiges of Life [13+]

To contribute your poems:

To submit a poem, simply post in the forum below with a link to the recording (eg. a Youtube video) and a link to the item on WDC. Poems must be your own work, and must be in your WDC portfolio as a book entry or static item.

For technical advice on how to create a video with a still image (instead of live footage of your face) please try reading "Some help"   and "Re: Re: Some help"  .

You will receive a merit badge for your first poetry submission, and for every ten thereafter.
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