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Round 33 ~ Write a poem about the New Year 2018!
Welcome to

*Heart**Heart* Write From the Heart Poetry Contest *Heart**Heart*

Are you a poet? Do you crave romance and bliss? Do you read between the lines? Can you create a poem that speaks from the heart? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place! Pull up a chair and I'll make this as painless as possible.

Your job, dear poet, is to write a poem that tugs my heart strings, makes me melt, cry, has me wanting more and falling in love/out of love, identifying with the things that speak to your heart. A poem that has beautiful imagery and brings my imagination to life! Where does your heart take you? Show me your journey through life's ups and downs.

*Exclaimp* This is a bi-monthly poetry contest, which runs from the 1st of the month through the 15th, 10pm WdC/EST. And from the 16th to the last day of the month,10pm WdC/EST.

*Giftr* *Giftg* ROUND 33 ~ Happy New Year
Write a poem about the New Year 2018!

Judge: Beacon-Light43


"2018"   by Celeb ~ it's cold!
"Goodbye To Hello"   by Sew-no-more 🤗

Round 32 Entries:
"Frosty the Snowman"   by Celeb ~ it's cold!
"She'll Be Home for Christmas?"   by celticsea

"...when leaves fall"   by tucknits~working and writing

"Thankful"   by Celeb ~ it's cold!
"From Dreams You Came"   by alf collier
"Dissolving Heart"   by tucknits~working and writing

"Moves me to write"   by Celeb ~ it's cold!
"Stonewashed Soliloquies"   by alf collier
"Finding love"   by tucknits~working and writing
"The Pondering"   by bkc - i was multitudes
"Linguistic Stew"   by Dave

WFTH Rotating Judges:

*NoteW* Only NEW poems will be accepted THIS MEANS ~ the date on your item MUST coincide with the round you are entering.
*Noter* You must follow the prompt
*Notew* Your poem must be about love ~ matters of the heart ~ show emotion unless the prompt dictates something specific
*Noter* Edit as you need to. I want your best effort
*Notew* You must include your line count at the bottom/top of your poem, or in the forum post
*Noter* You must post your entry in b-item format.
*Notew* Use the round you are entering as your post title in the forum. Example: Entry round 1
*Noter* One entry per round.

1st Place ~ WFTH Merit Badge + Purple 10k Awardicon
2nd Place ~ WFTH Merit Badge + 5,000 GPs
3rd Place ~ WFTH Merit Badge
Honorable Mention ~ 5,000 GP's

*Notev* Full Awards are as follows:
Minimum 5 entries for 1st place
7 entries for 1st and 2nd
9 entries for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

HM are eligible every round.
~~now, if you blow me away and the entries are low, I may reward you as well.

at "WFTH Group"   by ∞Purple Princess∞
Any donation of 80,000 will receive the WFTH merit badge.
Merit Badge in Write From the Heart
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs
Any regular donation of 40,000 will receive a general merit badge, hopefully one the donor doesn't already possess.

Round 29 Winners:
Moves me to write  (E)
Written for Write from the Heart
#2139530 by Celeb ~ it's cold!

2nd "Finding love"   by tucknits~working and writing
3rd "The Pondering"   by bkc - i was multitudes

Round 30 Winners:
Thankful  (E)
Write From The Heart Poetry Contest
#2141271 by Celeb ~ it's cold!

*Confettiv* *Burstp* *Confettiv* *Burstp* Congratulations! *Confettiv* *Burstp**Confettiv* *Burstp*

*Notep*Would you rather write a story? Check out our sister contest "Write From the Heart Story Contest"   by ∞Purple Princess∞ .

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by Celeb ~ it's cold! · 01-02-18 @ 3:15 pm
by ∞Purple Princess∞ · 01-01-18 @ 8:19 pm
by celticsea · 01-01-18 @ 3:10 pm
by Celeb ~ it's cold! · 12-20-17 @ 12:31 pm
by ∞Purple Princess∞ · 12-14-17 @ 7:40 am
by alf collier · 12-13-17 @ 11:36 pm
by tucknits~working and writing · 12-02-17 @ 4:16 pm
by Kittiara · 12-01-17 @ 5:45 pm
by ∞Purple Princess∞ · 11-30-17 @ 11:52 pm
by tucknits~working and writing · 11-30-17 @ 7:08 pm
by alf collier · 11-30-17 @ 10:43 am
by Celeb ~ it's cold! · 11-20-17 @ 2:56 pm
by ∞Purple Princess∞ · 11-18-17 @ 10:15 pm
by ∞Purple Princess∞ · 11-18-17 @ 10:10 pm
by Dave · 11-13-17 @ 7:39 pm
by bkc - i was multitudes · 11-02-17 @ 10:10 pm
by ∞Purple Princess∞ · 11-02-17 @ 10:03 pm
by tucknits~working and writing · 11-02-17 @ 9:31 pm
by alf collier · 11-01-17 @ 7:17 pm
by Celeb ~ it's cold! · 11-01-17 @ 6:12 pm
by turtlemoon-dohi · 11-01-17 @ 3:56 pm

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