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Supporting all things Punk on WDC; create the Steampunk Detectives: Clangour & Hiss.
If I've been remiss about one thing with this contest, it is that because it's so close to my (steely) heart, I never actually put a finish date on when the contest would close.

The contest is open until I release the third issue of the Clockwork Crier.

To wit, this contest is well and truly open. Thanks Schnujo Cujo Misses Fangus

Inspirational image for Steampunk Detectives character contestInspirational image for Steampunk Detectives character contest


For those in the know, “Clangor & Hiss” was one of the proposed newsletter titles in "The Steampunk Authors' Guild poll to name the unofficial Steampunk newsletter(The Clockwork Crier was the winner) here at WDC.

It placed second, by only one vote, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was obviously a popular choice. Not an obvious choice for a newsletter, it instead used sound and meaning to give an onomatopoeic flavour to the call for Steampunk title suggestions. Such perfect imagery, too good to waste!

So, here is the concept I have in mind to make use of these fantastic steampunkesque words:

Send me a proposal for “Clangor & Hiss: Steam Punk Detectives”. The winning proposal will be used as a serial story appearing in each newsletter of "The Clockwork Crier: Beyond Yesterday #2

Inspirational image for Steampunk Detectives character contest

The winner will receive a 4 merit badges(!) A steampunk, A fantasy, sci-fi AND a detective merit badge; as well as a co-creators credit, and immortality. Perhaps some gift points would be in order too :)

Now, what sound goes with immortality?

Details: All that is required at this stage is character descriptions of the two main characters and their connection to the setting.
What do they look like?
What is their history is?
What are their connections to all things steampunk?
Is there story set in alternate history Victorian England or Americana Wild West?

Judging: YOU, the masses, will vote for the winner via Poll.


Inspirational image for Steampunk Detectives character contestInspirational image for Steampunk Detectives character contest
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