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A contest for those who deviate from societal norms in their story writing.

A big thank you to Cinn for the lovely blue ribbon that adorns this contest.

“I discovered that if one looks a little closer at this beautiful world,
there are always red ants underneath.”-- David Lynch

         I have always had a preference toward writings, movies, and art that deviate from the norms of thought, sometimes verging on strange. So for this contest, I challenge you to step outside of conforming to society's rules of correctness. Horror, dark satire, and romance with a dark or demented twist are a plus in this contest.

*Bug* Accepting short stories only.
*Bug* Accepting fiction only.
*Bug* Your story must be newly written for this contest and follow the monthly prompt.
*Bug* Stories must be between 500-3000 words in length.
*Bug* Ratings of stories may be up to XGC.
*Bug* Accepting all genres except for children's and erotica. The writing may contain some erotica, but it may not be the overall plot.
*Bug* I will not accept writings advocating sexual assault, pedophilia, scat, or racism.
*Bug* You may submit up to two stories.
*Bug* Entry must be submitted in bitem format (if you aren't sure how, see "Linking Help And Practice for directions)
*Bug* Editing is allowed after entry has been submitted.
*Bug* Contest start date begins January 1st at 12:01 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of Febuary.
*Bug* Do not expect a review of your writing if you submit a story. My goal is to choose a winner of the contest by the 15th. If time allows, I may choose to review your story, but it is not promised

*Bug* I plan to offer a choice of three different prompts each round. You may use one prompt, or if you are really adventurous, you may choose more than one prompt for each of your entries.

*RibbonB* Prizes *RibbonB*

1st place -75K ribbon and Distorted Minds merit badge (5 0r more entries)
2nd place -50k ribbon and Distorted Minds merit badge(7 0r more entries)
3rd place - 25k ribbon and Distorted Minds merit badge (10 or more entries)


If you are interested in helping me judge the contest, contact me.

Prompt #1

Add the following sentence somewhere in your story:
She made me cut my finger off at the knuckle and I thanked her for it.

Prompt #2

Prompt #3


*StarB* Qualified Entries *StarB*

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Donations appreciated*Delight* , but not required. If you would like to make a donation,
simply post it with a message in the forum. For donations of 40K and above, I will send you a nonexclusive merit badge of your choosing.


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