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by Lyn
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Reviewing Simply Rocked in Sherri Gibson's world. Together we can keep her dream alive
Animated Heart Simply Positive Banner

Opens February 1st- February 14th, 2018

*StarfishB* Let's spread some positive vibes out to all of our fellow writers and readers on WDC with
*BalloonP* *BalloonP* Balloons. Maybe Sherri will see them floating high in her honor. *BalloonP* *BalloonP*

*StarfishP* Each *BalloonP* costs 1000gps

Purchases of 25 or more balloons*Balloonp* will receive a Simply Positive Stargazing Sherri MB

Click HERE to go straight to the forum.


*StarfishP* All Bids for each package are noted and must increase with each bid by 1000gps until the closing day. *StarfishP*

*BalloonG* Package 1
From:PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20
Opening Minimal Bid is: 20,000gps
3 poetry reviews
*Ribbon* 10K Awardicon to Sharon's favorite reviewed poem of winning bidder

Bid is 30 Andy~~getting back to WDC

*BalloonG* Package 2
From: Lornda
Opening Minimal Bid is 20,000gps
*Badge* 1 Exclusive Queen of Comedy Merit Badge for winning bidder and friend

Bid is 40k Kerri J. Miller

*BalloonG* Package 3
From: PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20
Opening Minimal Bid is 15,000gps
3 poetry reviews
*Badge* Merit badge winning bidder doesn't have

Bid is 30k 🌓 HuntersMoon

*BalloonG* Package 4
Opening Minimal Bid is 20,000gps
*Badge* Exclusive badge to the winning bidder and friend
choices are:
Newbies and Poetry
Tweet Me a Story
Chronic Illness Awareness

Bid is 40 k eyestar~thanks anon! }

*BalloonG*Package 5
From: Bikerider
Opening Minimal Bid is 20,00gps
Five short story reviews
*Ribbon* A 10k awardicon to Angelo's favourite of the winning bidder
Bid is 35k Patrece~So busy!!!

*BalloonG* Package 6
From:Kate Writes 2020
Opening Minimal Bid is 16,000gps
3 Simply Positive Reviews of Poetry
*Ribbon* 1 10k Awardicon awarded to Kate's favorite
*Tagg* 1 ticket in a current raffle
Bid is 20k Fivesixer

*BalloonG* Package 7 -NEWBIES ONLY
From:Kate Writes 2020
Opening Minimal Bid is 15,000gps
Newbie (under 6 months on WDC Anyone can bid but only a newbie can win *Smile*
2 Simply Positive Reviews of Short Stories (Horror or Scary Genre)
*Badge* Horror
Kate will choose 1 short story to be featured in March 28th Newsletter

Bid is 21K Ghost of Scheming Scoundrel

*BalloonG* Package 8
From:Charrr 🌈 [6 years!!]
Opening Minimal Bid is 20,000gps
*Ribbon*10k Awardicon
*Badge* 1 merit badge of winning bidders choice
*Tagg* 5 tickets in a current raffle

Bid is 30k PurplePrincess

*BalloonG* Package 9
Opening Minimal Bid is 40,000gps
For Our Merit Badge Collectors
*Badge* One of each Simply Positives Exclusive Merit Badges (4)

Bid is 75k Andy~~getting back to WDC

*BalloonG* Package 10
Opening Minimal Bid is 15,000gps
Three reviews short story or poetry
*Badge* 1 Merit Badge
One of the winning bidders writing piece featured either in the upcoming Poetry or For Authors Newsletter

Bid is 25k Andy~~getting back to WDC

*BalloonG* Package 11
From:~ Aqua ~
Opening Minimal Bid is 35,000gps
Two reviews (Aqua's choice)
*Ribbon* 25k awardicon to an item of Aqua'schoice
*Badge* A merit badge the winning bidder doesn't have yet

If the bidding goes over 55k, Aqua will include other than the merit badge above, an exclusive 30 Day Character Building Challenge.

Bid is 40K 🌓 HuntersMoon

*BalloonG* Package 12
From: Lonewolf
Opening Minimal Bid is 20,000gps
Reviews--- 2 poetry, one short story, one book

Bid is 30k PurplePrincess

*BalloonG* Package 13
Opening Minimal Bid is 28,000gps
*Badge* 1 Merit Badge (donor's choice)
*Ribbon* 1 10k Awardicon (winner's choice)
*Tagg* 5k in raffle tickets or reviewing credits

Bid is 30 K ♥HOOves♥

*BalloonG* Package 14
From:LinnAnn nano 10 winner
Opening Minimal Bid is 10,000gps
3 reviews 2 in poetry and 1 in short story

Bid is 20k Rebecca

*BalloonG* Package 15
From: Prosperous Snow
Opening Minimal Bid is 15,000 gps
4 poetry reviews
*Ribbon* 10k awardicon going to Neva's favorite poem.

bid is 15 k ♥HOOves♥

*BalloonG* Package 16
From: Lyn
Opening Minimal Bid 100,000gps
*Badge* 10 Paying it Forward Merit Badges
1 for winning bidder and nine to be distributed to their fellow writing friends

Bid is 100k Tiggy

*BalloonG* Package 17
From:Patrece~So busy!!!
Opening Minimal Bid 25,000
5 entries to a raffle of my choice
1 gift certificate / credit of 10K gps to signature shop of your choice.
*Badge*1 exclusive TLC merit badge.

Bid is 35 k Princess Megan Rose

*BalloonG* Package 18
From: Elle
Opening Minimal Bid is 20,000gps
*Badge* You may select for yourself and a friend one of Elle's various merit badges.
Gift Shop Reviews
Kiwis on WDC
Matters of the Heart
Roots & Wings
Snail Mail
The Lair
WDC Addicts Anonymous
WDC Kids Club

Bid is 50 K Shsssh, It's Just Me!

*BalloonG* Package 19
From: Fivesixer
Opening Minimal Bid is 35.000gps
1 Blog Review,
*Ribbon* 25k Awardicon
*Badge* Norb Award MB

Bid is 35k ~ Aqua ~

*BalloonG* Package 20
From: StephB Keeping Warm
Opening Minimal Bid is 10,000gps
3 poetry reviews
*Ribbon*10K awardicon

bid is 25 k 🌓 HuntersMoon

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