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A contest for poets who write poetry about strong and/or controversial subject matter.

Awesome banner created by iKïyå§ama

A big thank you to Wolfbane for the lovely red ribbon that adorns this contest.

*Pentagram* Accepting poetry only.
*Pentagram* No line or word count limit. In addition, it can be any form you choose or free form.
*Pentagram* Your poem must be newly written for the contest and adhere to the prompt unless otherwise stated.
*Pentagram* Somewhere in your item or in your forum message, you must state the prompt that you used.
*Pentagram* Ratings of poems may be up to XGC. The owner of this contest prefers items at least 18+.
*Pentagram* No sweet nature themed or romantic poetry allowed. Although, your poem may have sexual content.
*Pentagram* I will not accept writing advocating sexual assault, pedophilia, scat, or racism.
*Pentagram* You may submit up to two poems.
*Pentagram* Entry must be submitted in bitem or entry format. (if you aren't sure how, see "Video: Linking to an Item for directions)
*Pentagram* Editing is allowed after entry has been submitted, but not after the deadline.
*Pentagram* Contest start date begins March 1st at 12:01 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of April.
*Pentagram* I no longer leave prompt images sharable because I am likely to delete them eventually. Although, if you would like to use one of the images, e-mail me and I will send them to you in an attachment.

*Right* Click here! *BigSmile* Judging Criteria


1st place -25K ribbon and Rebel Poetry merit badge (Must have at least 3 entrants)
2nd place -10k ribbon and Rebel Poetry merit badge (Must have at least 5 entrants)
3rd place -10k ribbon or a Rebel Poetry merit badge (Must have at least 7 entrants)

Honorable mentions will receive 5,000 gift points and will be given at the judge's discretion.


Warped Sanity

If you would like to help me judge this contest, let me know.

This round I am doing something a little different. Instead of traditional prompts, I am offering these titles. Choose one for the title of your poem, or two if you are writing two poems. The title you choose must be the title of your poem. Other than that, interpret it in your own creative way through poetic verse.

Band-Aids and Bullet Holes
The Art of Presumption
Venom of truth
Walking on Glass
Body Memory
Must Have Been the Alcohol
Obsessions and Splinters
The Viper Behind the Veil
Twisted Blade
Inside the Lie
Elysium for the Masses
Mommy Complex
Drop Kick Love
Accidental Truth

*BurstR* Qualified Entries*BurstR*

Donations appreciated *Smile*, but not required. Those who donate 40k or more will receive a non-exclusive merit badge of their choosing. If you would like to make a donation post a comment with your gift point amount.

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