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The greatest writing challenge on WDC! PINK FLUFFY RESULTS NOW OUT!!! :)



Banner for the Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest

Welcome to the SPRING POETRY round of THE PINK FLUFFY UNICORN CONTEST *Unicorn* , a bi-annual contest hosted by Schnujo is Late to Lannister , Sand Castles Shopgirl 739 and Christopher Roy Denton .

This month, we are being featured in "The Contest Challenge

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo is Late to Lannister

You have
[Refresh to load countdown.] remaining to get your poem written and submitted!

For many millennia, Pink Fluffy Unicorns have hidden behind rainbows while working their marvelous magic upon our mundane plane, bringing pink, fluffy dreams to countless children but striking dread into the hearts of evil wrongdoers. Now it's our turn to do something in return for our pink and fluffy friends. Let's show them some literary lovin'.

April is the NaPoWriMo month (National Poetry Writing Month) so for April the Pink Fluffy Unicorns challenge you to write the best poem possible about Unicorn(s) and The Easter Bunny (or any rabbit).

If you don't want to write a unicorn or Easter Bunny poem, don't despair. Your story doesn't actually have to be about unicorns or the Easter Bunny, but they must be clearly involved in some way, as must the Easter Bunny or another rabbit. The connection between the bunny and a unicorn may be as subtle and inconsequential as you wish. It's your poem, so write whatever floats your cloud.

We are accepting submissions in two categories: FREE VERSE and STRUCTURED.

You can write any kind of poem you want in any genre so long as Unicorn(s) and the Easter Bunny or a rabbit are somehow significant within the poem. While the theme, tone and genre are completely your choices, there are rules. *Bigsmile*


Only ONE entry per member, which must be:

1) A poem — either FREE VERSE or STRUCTURED
2) Your own work.
3) Newly written for this contest.
4) Rated 18+ or below.
5) A maximum of 50 lines. Please include a line count below your poem in the body of your static item.
6) Any genre so long as Unicorn(s) *Unicorn* *Unicorn2* and The Easter Bunny or another rabbit are clearly significant within your poem.
7) You don't have to use the words “Unicorn” and "bunny" or "rabbit" within the poem, but if there's no obvious connection to, or mention of, Unicorn(s) and bunnies or rabbits then you won't win.
8) Imaginative use of color, a unique and relevant cover image, and/or emoticons to promote your poem is not mandatory but may enhance your chances of winning.
9) Posted as a static item in your port and linked to this contest forum using a {bitem:XXXXXXXX} link BEFORE the deadline. If you don't know how to create a Bitem Link, check out: "Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format and if you're still unsure after that, you can watch this video: "Quick Vid - Create a "Bitem" Link
10) When you post your entry to this forum, please use a message title of either “FREE VERSE ENTRY” or “STRUCTURED ENTRY”.
11) No editing after the deadline, which for this round is Midnight WDC time on TUESDAY 30th APRIL, 2019. You may edit as much as your pink, fluffy heart desires up until that time.
13) Results will be posted on or around 15th MAY, 2019.

And why should you enter? Well…

Once you've entered AND your submission has been accepted as complying with the contest rules, then you will become eligible to collect our exclusive EASTER BUNNY & UNICORN Trinket! *Rabbit3* *Unicorn*

And if you haven't previously collected the Pink Fluffy Unicorns Trinket or the Pink Fluffy Unicorns *Heart* WDC Trinket you will be able to collect those too.

And if that were not enough in itself, for every qualified entry, we will give the entrant a WDC UNICORN MERIT BADGE!

Merit Badge in Rare
[Click For More Info]

"Reviewing MB" counts the most sent MBes on the site. I'm just trying to reach the same goal with unicorns *^*Laugh*^*! Happy WdC birthday week.


YES! You get a merit badge JUST for entering this contest.

AND if you're actually good enough to place in this difficult contest against tough opposition, then you'll also win…


For the best ten* examples of poetic unicornification on the site we will award our exclusive Pink Fluffy Unicorns merit badge!!! *Unicorn*

Merit Badge in Pink Fluffy Unicorns
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on being the very first recipient of the Pink Fluffy Unicorn merit badge, which I am awarding in recognition of the fact that you wrote the first Pink Fluffy Unicorn poem, which is awesome. I refer, of course, to  [Link To Item #2110815] . May you continue to glorify those Pink Fluffy Unicorns with your magical verses and by dancing on rainbows in their honour. *^*Bigsmile*^*

Pink Fluffy Unicorns are very rare and extremely shy, so this merit badge would make a unique addition to your collection.

Plus the following for each of our two categories of FREE VERSE and STRUCTURED:

First Place* =           75k Pink Fluffy Awardicorn *RibbonP*

Second Place* =          50k Pink Fluffy Awardicorn *RibbonP*

Third Place* =          25k Pink Fluffy Awardicorn *RibbonP*

Two Pink Fluffy Mentions* =          10k Pink Fluffy Awardicorn *RibbonP*

*For First Place to be awarded, there must be a minimum of three entries in that category. For Second Place, six entries in that category. For Third Place, nine entries in that category. For Pink Fluffy Mentions, twelve entries in that category.


The First Place FREE VERSE poem and the First Place STRUCTURED winners will battle it out to prove which of them is the better poem in terms of reader satisfaction. The winner will be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER, and a 125k Pink Fluffy Star *StarfishP* awarded to the author's poetry folder or portfolio.


Your judges are:

         Schnujo is Late to Lannister — QUILLS 2018 Special Contributions Award
         Sand Castles Shopgirl 739 — inaugural PINK FLUFFY UNICORN CONTEST WINNER
         Christopher Roy Denton — BOB! *Bigsmile*


Entries received during previous rounds may be found in the "PINK FLUFFY ARCHIVES

          FREE VERSE ENTRIES *Unicorn*

         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "A Easter Bunny And Unicorn Prose"   by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Jack, the Rabbit Chocolatier"   by Laurie Razor
         "Waiting for sleep"   by NeedingBeachDuf 🐠⛵🏝️
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "The Petting Zoo"   by Mastiff
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "chasing bunnies"   by Rhyssa
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Over The Colorful Rainbow"   by Jeannie
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Pat the Pink, Fluffy Unicorn"   by 🌸 pwheeler - love joy peace
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor

          STRUCTURED ENTRIES *Unicorn*

         "Easter Friends"   by IceSkatingSugarCube
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "The Hungover Easter Bunny"   by Choconut
         "The Easter Unicorn"   by Prosperous Snow celebrating
         "The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Saves Easter"   by Solace.Bring
         "I Want To Be A Unicorn"   by 🌕 HuntersMoon
         "The Unicorn and the Hare"   by Lilli 🧿 ☕
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "The Rainbow Connection"   by eyestar~*
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "UNICORN HUNT"   by Monty
         "Our Woodland Revival Jubilee "   by Dave's trying to catch up
         "May There Always Be"   by Coffee Breath Writer
         "Bunny Finds His Tale"   by Cubby
         "Oh Joyful Day"   by 🇺🇸 Carol St.Ann 🇺🇸
         "Don't Tell"   by Krista of House Mormont
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
         "An Easter Tale"   by Ray Scrivener
         "Rabbits and Unicorns"   by trailerpark bodhisattva
         "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor


Should you feel so completely and utterly blessed by the Pink Fluffy Unicorns in your life that you wish to donate to their cause, please post your generous offering of gift points in the forum below where it will be immediately whisked away to a land where Pink Fluffy Unicorns dance on rainbows. *BigSmile* Donations of 40k or above will be rewarded with a merit badge.

Donations received during previous rounds may be found in the "PINK FLUFFY ARCHIVES

Pink Fluffy Unicorns are doing happy dances upon their clouds because of the generosity of:

         🦄🏳️‍🌈Sapph                              50,000 GPS
         🇺🇸 Carol St.Ann 🇺🇸                              55,000 GPS
         lynntarzan                              30,000 GPS
         somik                              40,064 GPS
         NeedingBeachDuf 🐠⛵🏝️                              50,000 GPS


Thank you, Lostwordsmith , for making the contest banner and judges' signatures.
And, THANK YOU AGAIN, Lostwordsmith , for the awesome Pink Fluffy Awardicorn that graces this contest page.
Thank you, Sally , for your advice while setting up the contest.
And a huge thank you to whoever nominated this contest for "The Quills

And thank you, Princess Megan Rose 22 Years, for the awesome merit badge you awarded to this contest!

Merit Badge in Fantasy Unicorns
[Click For More Info]

Hey Bob: I finally earned one of your Pink Fluffy Unicorn Merit Badges. I am so happy! I wanted to send you one of my commissioned Merit Badges. Thank you for your beautiful Pink Fluffy Unicorns Contest and I am so inspired. Enjoy your new Unicorns Badge. Your Friend: Megan

*Unicorn* Contest featured in: "For Authors Newsletter (March 22, 2017)"Fantasy Newsletter (March 29, 2017)"Action/Adventure Newsletter (April 5, 2017)"Drama Newsletter (April 5, 2017)"Poetry Newsletter (April 5, 2017)"Drama Newsletter (August 30, 2017)"Action/Adventure Newsletter (September 20, 2017)"Drama Newsletter (September 27, 2017)"Action/Adventure Newsletter (December 13, 2017)"Drama Newsletter (December 20, 2017)"Romance/Love Newsletter (December 20, 2017)"Action/Adventure Newsletter (September 19, 2018)

Sig for nominees.

Good luck, y'all. May the Pink Fluffy Unicorns be with you!

Galloping Unicorn

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