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Celebrating Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary with a Quidditch Raffle! Buy some tickets!
For the Quidditch Raffle
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*Heart* Thank you Andy~~getting back to WDC for the lovely awardicon that adorns the forum! *Heart*

Harry Potter turns 20 this year on 26th June. Harry Potter has influenced our lives in different ways. Somehow it has become a part of our lives and of the lives of the generations yet to come. We have all said or thought at least once in our life that we will have our children watch it or read the books. This is how much we love Harry Potter. Let's celebrate Harry Potter's anniversary in a fun and exciting way!

The Annual Quidditch has started from 1st June. All of Hogwarts has gathered to watch the game, no one wants to miss it. Get ready for some amazing cheering, swearing and to some extent, violence *Wink*

Rules Quidditch Raffle

HP Bulletr Tickets are 1,000 GPs each.
HP Bulletr You can buy as many tickets as you want.
HP Bulletr For every 40 tickets, there will be three virtual dice rolls.
HP Bulletr One dice will be rolled to determine the winner of the Snitch . Whoever is the winner gets this beauty, Exclusive Wizard's Champion
HP Bulletr The second dice will be rolled to determine the winner of the Quaffle. The winner gets a non-exclusive mb that he doesn't already have.
HP Bulletr The third dice will be rolled to determine the person getting the Bludger. Whoever gets the bludger is injured in the field and will be added into the hospital ward. Now there are two options for the wounded to get treatment.

         *Bulletr* Option A: Any friend of the wounded pays 5,000 GPs for the treatment of his friend so that he gets out of the ward and can enjoy the Quidditch game!

         *Bulletr* Option B Any friend of the wounded pays 20,000 GPs for the treatment of the wounded and receives a 10k awardicon to an item in the portfolio of the friend who paid for the treatment. OR a merit badge of the person's choice!

HP Bulletr The quidditch raffle ends on 30th June 2017, midnight WDC time.


Here's a glimpse to the shiny, pretty exclusive mb that you have to buy tickets for! *Bigsmile*

Merit Badge in Wizard's Champion
[Click For More Info]

    Thank you for bringing the awesome  [Link To Item #2122553]  to life.  
   Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

For Quidditch Raffle

*Bulletr* Donations are always welcome. Donations of 50,000 GPs or more will earn the donor a merit badge he doesn't already have. If you buy tickets in a single post of 50,000 GPs or more, you will also earn a merit badge you don't have yet.

*Bulletr* Donations of 100,000 GPs or more will earn you one of the exclusive House mb of your choice from Wizard's Bravery, Wizard's Cunning, Wizard's Intelligence and Wizard's Loyalty!

For HP activities! for HP activities intelligence mb for HP activities Loyalty mb for HP activities

*Bulletr* Donation of 150,000 GPs or more will receive exclusive Wizard's Founder's Seal Merit Badge.

HP Founder's Seal mb for HP activities

All donations will be mentioned here.

Lovely Donors:

πŸŒ“ HuntersMoon - 100k *Heart*
Cat Voleur - 100k *Kiss*
Beacon's-Shining-Lightβš“οΈ - 150k! *Angel*
Dee - 200k - Wohoo! *Cool*
Nixie 🦊 - 150k - Cool beans! *Inlove*
Andy~~getting back to WDC - 150k - Awesome! *Inlove*
οΏ¦ebοΏ¦iβ‚Έch - 100k - *Cool*
Dee - 25k - *Heart*
Bubblegum Jones - 50k *Inlove2*
eyestar-Thanks Anonymous et al - 10k *Heart*

For Quidditch Raffle

*Bulletr* 15% to Winner 1 of the Grand Virtual Dice at the end of the raffle.
*Bulletr* 15% to Winner 2 of the Grand Virtual Dice at the end of the raffle.
*Bulletr* 10% to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
*Bulletr* 10% to "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group
*Bulletr* 10% to "Special Secret Service (SSS)
*Bulletr* 10% to "The Central Bank
*Bulletr* 10% to "The Rockin' Reviewers
*Bulletr* 10% to the awesome host *Bigsmile*

For Quidditch Raffle

Ticket Holders - Click Here