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Create a new poem from the last line of another

Okay here's the challenge, create something new from the last line of another poem. Try to be creative, give the words a new direction, turn it into something different!

The contest will be monthly. Round one will start with one of my poems. The following rounds the poem used for the prompt will be the winner of the previous round.

*CheckB* All entries must be newly written for the contest and start with the prompt line and follow any form requirements when applicable.

*CheckB* The prompt must be the first words of the poem, but may be added too. Ex: Of her former self there is little left.

*CheckB* Please limit entries to 40 lines or less. Please include line count in your entry. Entries must be submitted in b-item format.

*CheckB* Since winning poem will be used as a prompt, please keep entries rated 13+ or lower.

*CheckB* All Rounds Start on 1st day of the month and end at 12:59 on the last day of the month.

*CheckB* Editing is fine, but please be aware that I will be reading them as they are submitted, and
may not see your changes. This will be done so that I can judge it quickly and have the winner so the new round can start the next day.

*Dollar* 1st Place will receive 10k Awardicon and have their poem featured on the contest page as the prompt for the following round.

*Dollar* 2nd Place will receive a Merit Badge in Risk Taker
[Click For More Info]

*^*Star*^* Congratulations on having submitted work to two outside journals/publishers. This is a happy occasion. *^*Thumbsup*^* We are rooting for you !! Bravo and warmest best, Gabriella 
Risk Taker Merit Badge

*Dollar* 3rd Place will receive 2500 GPs

Round 13

Deadline 3/31

Round 12 Winning poem by Dominique

Our Humble Place in the World

Our humble place in this world
a breath of life is all I need
inhale the crisp summer breeze
let go of doubt, fear, and dilemma

The ground beneath provides the foundation
of love and eternity, stability and growth
free your mind, watch your breath
serenity can only enter if allowed

Each crack releases the negative hatred
balance your body and the mind will follow
transfer your energy, spread your light
melt away the darkness

Refuse to let it block the auric field
embrace the change, trust in life
the third eye creating a mosaic of patterns
love yourself; it will be okay

Love yourself; it will be okay

Have fun and Write On!

Thanks for Your Generosity!

Kyle Curcio

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