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by Dee
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A Two-Round Poetry Challenge with BIG prizes! Runs: October-November
"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
--Phil Jackson

Make It Your Best!


*NoteP* Each team consists of two WDC members.

*NoteP* Only teams who post their intention to compete, with both team members listed in the post, will be allowed to participate. You MUST make this post here in the Annual Poem Team Challenge Forum, or you will not be considered entered.

*NoteP* Teams must be signed up by October 1, 2017.

*NoteP* Team members may not be changed out once the challenge has begun.

*NoteP* If your team member drops out, your team will be disqualified. Choose your teamate wisely!

*NoteP* There must be at least 5 teams participating for this challenge to take place. If there are not at least 5 teams participating by October 1st, this challenge will be extended, and all deadlines will be changed to reflect the extension.

How This Contest Works

*NoteP* Round 1 will award 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners, and two Honorable Mentions.

*NoteP* Only 1st & 2nd Place teams will go on to Round 2 as semi-finalists.

*NoteP* Round 2 semi-finalists will compete in a final "Poem-Off."

*NoteP* Whichever team wins the "Poem-Off" will become the Grand Prize winners..

*NoteP* Each person in the Poem Team Challenge will earn 2,000 GPs just for entering, after the Round One deadline has passed.


*NoteP* The poem must be newly written for this challenge.

*NoteP* The Poem Subject will be given by the Judges. The poem subject must be used for the poems you write.

*NoteP* The Poem Subject for Round 1 will not be disclosed until September 27, 2017.

*NoteP* The Poem Subject for Round 2 will be disclosed November 2, 2017. (Only for semi-finalists)

*NoteP* All teams will submit one poem for the Round 1 Entry. (Only one team member should post it).

*NoteP* Each team member writes half of the poem, adding their own poetic verse.

*NoteP* If your poem contains a refrain, both team members are allowed to use it in their part of the poem.

*NoteP* You may choose any genre and any form, including free verse, but poems may not be rated higher than 18+.

*NoteP* Poems must be at least 16 lines.

*NoteP* Poems may not be more than 40 Lines.

*NoteP* Poems must list the title, genre, form, and line count in the post, or in the entry..

*NoteP* The poem must be posted in the forum using either a {b-item} or {item:} link, by one team member. It must show both members part of the poem, with their handle next to their part.

*NoteP* Poems are allowed to be edited up until the deadline only.

*NoteP* Poems edited after the deadline will be disqualified.

*NoteP* Poems must also be posted in both member's ports. (If you win an award, we need to be able to award both members). Poems in your ports must match exactly!

*NoteP* Reviews of all poems will be done by the judges after the Grand Prize Winners have been chosen. Once the challenge is over, PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR POEMS until you have received your review.

Example of a Properly Formatted Static Item Entry

IF you write every other stanza in your poem rather than a block of lines, then you can use colors to show the stanzas each of you writes.

Round 1 Challenge

*NoteP* The Round Begins October 1, 2017, at 12:01 a.m., WDC time.

*NoteP* The Round 1 Deadline is: October 30, 2017, by 11:59 p.m. WDC time.

Winners for Round 1 will be posted by November 14, 2017

Round 2 Challenge (Semi-Finalists Only)

*NoteP* The Round 2 Begins November 3, 2017, at 12:01 a.m., WDC time.

*NoteP* The Round 2 Deadline is: November 30, 2017 by 11:59 p.m. WDC time.

*NoteP* Poems for both challenges must be posted by the deadline. No exceptions!

*BurstP*Prizes for Round 1 Team Winners*BurstP*

1st Place - 75K Awardicon, Poetry MB, & 60K Gift Points, 5K in Raffle Tickets, 10K Gift Certificate from Kiya's Custom Order Shoppe (Semi-Finalist)

2nd Place - 50K Awardicon, Dark Poetry MB & 50K Gift Points, 3K in Raffle Tickets, 5K Gift Certificate from Kiya's Custom Order Shoppe (Semi-Finalist)

3rd Place - 25K Awardicon, Teddy Bear Gift Basket #4, 40K Gift Points, 1K in Raffle Tickets, (2) 500 GP Gift Certificates from Flight of Fantasy Signature Shop

Two Honorable Mentions - 10K Awardicon, cNote with 10K in GPs, 7K Gift Certificate from Hanna's Signature Market

*BurstP*Grand Prize*BurstP*

*NoteP* Each member of the Grand Prize team will receive:

-- A 125K Awardicon
-- A Teamwork Merit Badge
-- Dee's Special Delivery MB
-- A 3-month Premium Membership
-- 70K in Gift Points
-- $25 Amazon Gift Card
-- 10K in Raffle Tickets
-- Teddy Bear Gift Basket #3
-- 2,500 Gift Point Certificate from Leger's Signature Shop
-- A 50K donation to the group of your choice, in your name


*NoteP* Donations are not necessary, but are *happily* accepted. You may post them here in the forum, or at "The Poem Team Challenge Bank.

*NoteP* Any donation of 30K will receive a 10K Awardicon or a non-exclusive Merit Badge.

*BurstP*Many thanks to eyestar~hiatus offline for the lovely pink awardicon that graces this page!*BurstP*

*BurstP*Official Judges*BurstP*
♥octOGRE tHiNg♥

If anyone is interested in being a judge, please contact me. I will relinquish my position to them. *Salute*


*BurstP*Qualified Entries*BurstP*
"Life's Heirloom Quilt - Team #3
"Invalid Item - Team #4
"Invalid Item - Team #6
"Invalid Item - Team #7
"Vinyl - Team #8
"Dancing the War - Team #10
"Invalid Item - Team #12

*BurstP*Our Gracious Donors*BurstP*

Poem Subject For Round 1

Poem Subject For Round 2

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