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Come find your new writing best friend (for all those times you get writer's block)
Writer's block
NaNoWriMo's Kryptonite

Every time I get hung up on outlining or writing my novel, I find myself remembering one of my best friends in high school. After shared extracurricular activities or while camped out in each other's bedroom for a sleepover, I'd present a snarl in one of my stories and she and I would toss ideas back and forth. She knew my story as well as I did, so well we considered it "our story". Character relationships grew deeper as she offered feedback I would never have considered. Pieces fit together in new, original ways. Her insight led to the creation of perhaps the only novel I wrote in high school that I'm not completely embarrassed about.
(Seriously, I have a file of those old stories on my external hard drive labeled "DO NOT READ!")

Now, well over a decade later, as NaNoWriMo approaches, I miss her desperately.

So, I thought, why not find a new writing buddy? I know I must not be alone in this, so I thought to create this to help people find that special someone in the weeks leading up to NaNoWriMo. While this was made with NaNoWriMo in mind, it is not limited to novelists (or November) alone.

How to Find a Buddy

Option 1:
Scroll through existing posts to see if any catch your eye. Your writing soulmate may already be out there waiting for you to reply!
Once you find one, reply to it using the "form" (dropnote link below). Fill it out completely and post your reply.
Remember: just because a post already has a reply does not mean that person is not still looking. Feel free to be a 2nd, 3rd or even 11th response.

Option 2:
Create your own post (try option 1 first!)
Title your post with your writing length preference (poem, short story, novel, etc.) and 1-2 preferred genres
Example: "Novels: Historical Romance"
For the body of your post, use the "form" (dropnote link below). Fill it out completely.

How to Connect

Once a reply is made, you have a choice to reach out to the person. Each form should include a sample item so you can see how well your writing styles might mesh. Please keep all correspondences in private messages once a connection is made. If you've found your writing buddy, please edit your post to indicate "FOUND".

Just because someone replies to your post doesn't mean you have to be their buddy. Sometimes, you may be their dream buddy, but you don't think your styles/schedules will mesh. You do not have to respond or accept.

What to Post

Whenever posting in the forum, please keep it to looking for a writing buddy using the form in the dropnote below. Please keep in mind the ASR rating of the forum.

Fill out the following form

One final note:
Please remember, you are not just finding someone to brainstorm YOUR story. You should be willing to become intimately familiar with another person's work so they can reach out to you and get relevant feedback. There is no obligation for your new writing buddy to put in a certain amount of hours and you'll likely get what you give (as in any healthy relationship!) Be the buddy you want!
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