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by DavidW
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This forum is for book review contests I am hosting.
This book review contest will end October 15, 2017. First prize is ten thousand points, second prize is 5000 points, third prize is 3000 points. You can enter any book review, even if it isn't new. I suggest {pr:######} to link to product reviews if you don't want to take up space in your portfolio, since I cannot guarantee what will happen to this forum and the material on it a year from now. This contest is for reviews of books which are actually on sale somewhere, which you are welcome to post on Goodreads or Amazon as well as here. There are no length restrictions. Longer is not always better, you want to give people enough information to see if they want to try the book or not, but if they get bored and their eyes start skipping the review is less helpful. Ideally, even if you love a book, people who won't enjoy it should understand why they won't, and visa versa. Prizes will be sent by the end of October, and I will read each review. I'm rating this 13+ so everyone can paricipate, so no #%^* swearing!
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by Fangus  •  10-14-17 @ 10:51 pm
by DavidW  •  10-14-17 @ 8:31 pm
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