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create writing that has wings

If words are bland and boring writing can be a miserable, lifeless thing.
If they are interesting and vivid, writing flies off the page and into our hearts.

Can you:
slip a slinky simile into your stanzas,
mould a magical metaphor,
fashion a fantastic figure of speech in your fiction?
Can you make your writing fly?

I'm looking for responses to a given prompt that make my heart sing and my toes tingle. To aid creativity, I will give you some key words related to the theme of the prompt which you must not use in your writing. So if the prompt is Dog, the key words could be paws, bark, growl, etc. How can you describe a dog without using these words?
TIPS: avoid using verbs like is and was, or the sense words like saw, felt, heard etc. Give your audience clues rather than being explicit. Rather than Rover was a stinky dog, try People need a gas-mask near Rover.


1. Entries must be either poems (max 40 lines) or short stories (max 750 words).
         Please include line/ word count in item.
2. Entries must follow the given prompt
3. Entries must not use any of the taboo words, or derivatives of them, even in the title.
         Think of your writing like a present to be unwrapped; you don't want to tell the reader what is inside.
4. Entries must be newly written for this contest.
         You may enter a story and a poem if you like, but not two of either/each.
5. Entries must be posted in the comments thread below in item or entry format.

Click here for instructions how to submit an entry


1. creativity of content
2. creativity of style
3. use of figurative language and literary devices
         (not limited to those mentioned above!)
4. following rules
5. presentation (spelling/grammar/fluency)


11.59 p.m WDC time, last day of every month

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*TrophyS* 2nd place - 5000 GPs
*TrophyB* 3rd place - 1000 GPs

Prizes may increase depending on popularity of contest/any GP donations received.
First prize will be awarded if there are 3+ entries. All prizes will be awarded if there are 5+ entries.

DONATIONS: Donor's Hall of Fame

Prizes need funds! Please send any donations to "Taboo Words Treasure Chest Donations of over 30,000 GPs will receive the Taboo Words MB.
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Loss of Self

shadows taunt 
passing between my sense and
it feels like only yesterday
i took you for granted
laughing in the
l i g h t
dancing to the
of life

now that’s gone

isolated with
retinas disintegrating
sparks flaring out of r e a c h
blurred at first
then black

i wait for my other senses to
e x p l o d e
you lose one the others
step up (so i heard)

not true

trapped inside my
s h e l l
c r u m b l i n g

d e v a s t a t i o n


*TrophyS**Star**TrophyS* 2nd place:Kittiara *TrophyS**Star**TrophyS*

*TrophyB**Star* 3rd place:Jayne *Star* *TrophyB*

Congratulations to January's winners

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taboo words:
or any derivatives of these words

Can't wait to see your entries!
You have until 28th February

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