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Share your lyrical worlds here and receive a review just for entering!
Tell me a story.

Paint something magnificent with your vocabulary.

Feel free to express yourself and let those hearts bleed ink onto a blank page.

This contest is here to channel your inner poets, so don't be timid and let the words flow through you!

Word Pictures Contest

Submit a Free Verse Poem (no rhyme or pattern)  

Optional Style:



There is something about abandoned places that give us a sense of unease. Remnants of countless lives lay scattered and forgotten, leaving silent objects with secret memories. We can almost see them drifting among the ruins - the ghosts. Phantoms of those who haunted these sacred places, souls possessing unknown hopes and dreams. Who are those faceless specters? Where did they go? What happened here, what drove everyone away?

I give you three different places to ponder over: a mental asylum, a city, and an amusement park. What stories do they whisper to you, dear poet?

Prompt 1:



creepy hallway

Prompt 2:
nature takes over

nature takes over

nature takes over again

Prompt 3:
word pictures

wordpictures prompt

this picture is kinda creepy

Contest Closed! Judging In Progress

This contest runs from the beginning and end of each month. Enter once per contest event. Editing allowed until judging time.

Entries must be new Free Verse   or other optional styles. All poems must be based on monthly photo prompts, 10-40 lines.

Please post using Bitem  or entry format  . Include the line count in your post, please!

1st place winner will be awarded a shiny 25k awardicon!

2nd place receives a fancy 10k awardicon!

3rd place goes home with a modest 5,000 points and a redeemable review for any one item in the winner's portfolio!

Rules and Conditions:

Must be at least 7 entries to unlock prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Minimum of 5 entries needed to win a 25k awardicon.

If these requirements are not met, the winner shall receive a 10k awardicon.

In the event of a double prompt, two 1st place winners may be selected provided the conditions for additional prizes are met.

2 entries required for a win.

Judge: I, Raven Scryer ,Quest judges welcome!


Past Winning Poets Highlight

June Winner: Mari McKee for her entry
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