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This contest intends to challenge writers to write outside of their comfort zone
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Heya! Welcome to my very first contest.

This contest intends on challenging writers to write outside of their comfort genre. So if someone follows alone for an entire year they should be able to write in any genre with relative ease. Allowing them to explore any idea that they are presented with. The challenge for most writers is that they often dream of writing in genres that are not their own. This contest will help to break down those pesky genre barriers by challenging you to write on a variety of topic throughout a wide span of topics.

Every round will have a different prompt and some rounds you will just be presented with a genre and the freedom to write anything you can imagine.


1. Sadly, for now, poetry is not accepted. However, this might change so keep a lookout for any changes in the rules.

2. No Erotica or stories containing detailed sex scenes will ever be accepted.

3. Maximum of 3000 words.

4. Only one entry per person per round.

5. Maximum rating of 13+.

6. Include the prompt your using and a word count within your story.

7. You can edit your story up until the end of the round. Any editing after the deadline will disqualify the story from the contest.

All entries will be accepted as long as they follow these rules. However, if someone breaks these rules three times they will be banned from entering until further notice, I will be understanding if you break them by mistake but only if you email me regarding that mistake before that round closes.

Every second round will have two genres and every once in a while a special round with three genres will be held. The prize for winning one of these rounds will be significantly greater as there will be only one winner for that round.

How to enter:
Create a post entitled "Entry" with the date of the round included.
Use Bitem to link it. To tag something with bitem use this {bitem:x x x x x} (replacing the x's with the number ID of the item you wish to tag}
Include the prompt and word count if you don't wish to include it in the story itself

Guest Judge:Hanna~Land of Enchantment 🐬

Donations are greatly appreciated and help me keep this going. Any donation of 35K or more gets an MB of their choice.

Round one
Round one Winners

Round two
Round two Winners

Round three
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by Slime-J~Has given up · 05-01-18 @ 5:32 am
by Pesky Amanda is away for now. · 05-01-18 @ 4:29 am
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