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Forum for Genre! Poems!
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Genre! Poems! is a writer's take on bingo, come and enjoy the fun! Request either a Genre! or a Poems! card and you will get a personalized bingo card with random prompts. Use the prompts to write stories or poems (depending on the card you chose), fill your first 'bingo' and earn 1,500 gps. Fill in the whole card and win a merit badge!

If you choose Genre!, pick at genre and fill out the survey. Within 24 hours you will get your very own personalized bingo card. Each square will have a prompt for you to use in writing a story that is at least 850 words long (no max word limit). Upon completing your first bingo, report back here with b-item links to each filled prompt and you will earn 1500 gps. Continue using the card and use all the prompts and you will earn a genre merit badge based on the genre you chose!

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Card images will be hosted free at imgbox, you will be given a link to your card, but do not lose it!

If you choose Poems!, your card will look a little different. Each square will contain a prompt and a poetry form. Fill in the first line of squares by completing the prompt/form and earn 1500gps. Continue using the card and use all the prompts/forms and you will earn a poetry merit badge. Poetry forms taken from- http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/list-of-50-poetic-forms-for-poets, http://poetscollective.org/poetryforms/example-index/ , or http://www.shadowpoetry.com

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*BoxCheckB*- Don't lose your card!
*BoxCheckB*- Stories and poems must be submitted in b-item format when completing a line and if and when you complete the whole card as well as the imgbox url to your card.
*BoxCheckB*- BOLD your prompt in each story or poem
*BoxCheckB*- You may combine prompts for stories (not poetry, however), but minimum word count is still 850 words PER prompt
*BoxCheckB*- Only payout (1,500gps) is for the FIRST bingo on the card. Merit badge is awarded when and if all prompts are used.
*BoxCheckB*- Any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
*BoxCheckB*- No time limit and you aren't competing against others- just you vs. your 'bingo' card!

Get your card here!

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There is a 550gps fee for each card. All gps are directly deposited into the Genre! Poems! bank and will be used only for awarding prize gps and merit badges. No refunds.

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