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Contest. The plot in a supportive role.
The newsletter! "Plot Support


The Winning Color  (ASR)
A defeated Queen attempts to bring a victory to her troops
#2179314 by Emily

The Identity Crisis  (13+)
A man walked into a bar ...
#481116 by deemac

January Meeting  (ASR)
Jody meets her new foster son
#2178176 by Schnujo What I Mean?

A light-rail journey to a new life?
#2178565 by D. Reed Whittaker

SECOND PLACE: "Invalid Entry

Life is Dukkha.  (E)
To wish is to suffer. - Third Place Plot Support Contest -
#2178389 by Xarthin

The Marketplace  (E)
The story of an apple exploring the marketplace it got lost in.
#2047240 by Shayeđź’»


In this contest, the plot is important,
but it's not the most important thing.

The most important thing is something else to be showcased --
a place,
a tradition,
a culture,
a product,
a career,
a service,
a scientific / mathematical theory,
(Anything else you can think of.)

The characters and plot are devices to showcase this.


Stories, fiction or non-fiction.

Word limit - Maximum 1,500 words.
Please mention word count in the body of your item.

Items with E rated intros and content rating E or ASR only, please.

At the start of your item, before you begin the main story, please put a separate note, of about 100 words or less, about what it is you are showcasing in the story.
(These 100 words don't count to the word limit, The total word limit of the item can therefore be 1,600 words.)

Either newly written for this contest or existing items, provided they meet the other rules.

A request -- my eyesight is weak. I request entrants to use a point size of at least 4 and line-spacing of 1.6, to help me read easier! Thank you so much.

Create as an item or book entry in your portfolio (must meet all WDC's rules).

Post as a b-item or entry link in the forum below.

{b-item:1234567} or {entry:1234567} -- with your item number.

You may enter as many times as you like, but will be eligible for only one prize.

Last date for submission: Jan 10, 2019.

You may edit till the deadline, I'll start reading only after.

It's been a while since I ran a contest.
If I've had a senior moment and forgotten something here, I'll add it in when it arises or I remember! *Laugh*



How well you created a plausible plot and characters,
while showcasing what needs to be showcased.

Spelling, grammar and formatting count, too.


I was wondering whether to give an example or not.
I wouldn't like the example to curb creativity.
So please, treat this as an example only,
and go wild with your creativity in your entry!

What if you were to showcase all the departments in a big store, and wrote a mystery story in which the detective looked through the store for clues? You'd mention all the products offered, the deals and discounts, and so on, while the detective searched the place.


Thanks to a generous contribution from Joy , I'm able to add two grand prizes!

TWO GRAND PRIZES: 25,000 Gift Points each.

1st Place - 20,000 Gift Points

2nd Place - 10,000 Gift Points

3rd Place - 5,000 Gift Points

This contest is for a newsletter I'm doing, so, at this time, it's a once-off.

I'll be the only judge, and prizes will be awarded depending on quality and number of entries, at my discretion.
(Thus, prizes may be increased or decreased, depending on how things pan out.)

I'll use the entries as I need in the newsletter, with due credit to the author. If needed, I may email the author for any clarifications / quotes I need.



"The Identity Crisis
"The Winning Color
"January Meeting
"One Man's Indulgence and Perception
"Invalid Item
"Life is Dukkha.
"The Marketplace
"Invalid Item
"Invalid Entry

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