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Come wander among these haunted trees...
Do you heed the message or wander further into the trees?

Before you lies a mysterious path smothered in darkness. Do you dare to ignore the warning and enter further into this feverish dream?

Listen - a haunting melody floats through the air as you walk through the swirling mist...

Be careful, dear guest. These woods are known to keep many secrets, best not stray from the winding path...

Uh, ghosts and stuff

Here, shadows bubble and writhe over themselves. The cold wind sounds like whispers, hissing past in strange tongues.

No matter where you turn, each step only takes you deeper. When you reach the heart of this ghostly forest, I'll be waiting.

vjDEFewf ew

Come meet the other lost souls who've wandered here and mark your name in the Guestbook of Penumbra.

I have such sights to show you...

Library of Nightmares  (E)
A collection of terrifying tales that one should never read in the dark...
#2176359 by Rave Siren Cry

Perhaps you'd like something a bit more... meaty? I'll tell you a longer tale this time...

Reading Nook  (E)
Where the longer tales are kept, shelved stories I work on while I have time
#2211991 by Rave Siren Cry

If you fancy some dark poetry, you might consider browsing these wares. Feel free to review my troubled work. After all, I could use some amusement...

Haunted  (18+)
A dark poetic journey into the gothic and grotesque
#2172665 by Rave Siren Cry

Why don't you rest awhile on that mossy log and make yourself comfortable? I'll brew something exquisite in this cauldron of mine.

Hmm? What is it, you ask?

My my, you must be dying to know...

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