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Rating and Reviewing for RAOK
Writing.Com is about to celebrate its 19th birthday! I am proud to be a member, with this profile, since 2006. A lot of you may not be aware that I had a previous portfolio back when it was Stories.com! I believe it was 2001 and I had it for a couple years before I lost it due to financial troubles. I do not remember the username I used so I have no way to see if it still exists, unfortunately, but I still am proud to say I've been a supporter of this site since near the beginning!

This site has done so much for me that I really want to give back by paying it forward. So, this activity is to raise gps for
RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group  (E)
RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) helps members by Upgrading them.
#398524 by Writing.Com Support

So, here's the deal: I will rate or review one FICTION story of your choice (all ratings allowed) from either your own portfolio or a portfolio of your choosing. Sorry, no poetry! All proceeds will be donated to RAOK.

Here are the prices:

100,000 gps or more: I will give an in-depth review and rating for 1 book of up to 20 chapters or 100,000 words (keep in mind for this option, the longer the novel/novella, the longer it may take me to get through all the chapters, but I WILL get it done. I may only be able to do 1 or 2 chapters at a time due to work and other commitments. Please be patient!)

50,000-99,999 gps: You will get an in-depth review and rating for 1 short story of up to 10,000 words

25,000-49,999 gps: I will review 1 short story of up to 7500 words

10,000-24,999 gps: You will receive a review of 1 short story that has no more than 5000 words.

5000-9,999 gps: I will review a piece of flash fiction up to 3000 words

Under 5000 gps: You can have me review a very short flash fiction piece that is below 2000 words

Enter by filling out survey form below:

 Activity Submission Form  (E)
Form for submitting to RAOK donation activity
#2197147 by Grandma Penguin is Vaccinated

Please use the forum to ask any questions or comment only. Use the survey form for all submissions. Thank you!

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