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One-time contest for poetry and prose 250-500 words

I’ve heard it said that only a god/goddess can defeat another god/goddess and that younger ones come into power to replace older ones in this way. I’d like to read your tales on how this could happen.

What: God/goddess defeats another god/goddess
Who: Any deities from any culture! Bonus points if you use different deities from different cultures.
Why: Jealousy, revenge, desire for world domination. It’s entirely up to you!
Where: Anywhere on Planet Earth.
When: At least 500 years ago or more. This should be a story passed down through many generations.
How: Completely up to you!
Length: Ideally 250-500 words, but that’s not a hard limit.
Format: Legend, poetry, ballad, song lyrics, or flash fiction.
Language: English

I may increase these awards and offer more placements if I receive enough interest and donations.
For now, based on my current Gift Point balance, this is the minimum I can promise.
Anyone who donates 25K or more will receive a merit badge and thank-you on this page!

Grand Prize:
25K Awardicon
Mythology merit badge
10K Gift Points

Second Place Prize:
10K Awardicon
Mythology merit badge
5K Gift Points

Third Place Prize:
Mythology merit badge
2K Gift Points

Additional Recognition:
For the top 5 entries and honorable mentions, I’ll give a shoutout on my K5Rakitan Twitter and my Facebook author page.

What inspired me to run this contest:
I will not use the piece without your permission, but ideally I would like to feature the Grand Prize winner in a longer work I am drafting as a legend that the main character hears from a minor character that serves as a clue to her that only a god/goddess can defeat another god/goddess. If so, I would accompany that chapter with an author’s note with your username (or full name if you prefer) explaining that particular part of the writing is your work, not mine. I understand if you would like to decline this feature, and it may be many months to a year before I’m ready to publish that longer story anyway, but it’s something to keep in mind. We can discuss it all beforehand!

How to participate: Simply post your story and send me the link :)
Deadline for entry: September 30, 2019
Final decisions announced: October 15, 2019
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by Luarel Montgommery · 09-23-19 @ 11:30 pm

Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/2198450-Defeating-a-GodGoddess-Contest