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A Place to Learn and Workshop Poems
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This is a place...

where I will over time be offering helpful tips on all the many beautiful facets of prosody as well as offering my services as an intensive poem workshopper. This will not be a place to come if all you are looking for is a review. However, if you would like a comprehensive breakdown of your current poem, tips and tricks on how to improve, and perhaps even a full scansion completed on your poem? Then you have come to the right place.

Consider this a safe place to come have your art workshopped in a respectful and constructive way. You will never hear that your poem is "crappy" or "needs work." Instead I will give you the tools to make your poems shine bright like a star and perhaps offer insights about your poem from a reader's perspective that you hadn't yet even thought of.

Submissions are being accepted now!
If you would like to submit a poem for one of my listed services please do so by providing a forum post with a link to your poem(s) as well as which service you are requesting and of course the proper amount of gps attached. Additionally any services you request are me at to benefit YOU as a writer, so if there areas you particularly want me to focus on please let me know so I can better customize my feedback for you specific to your need.

See below for my services and rates. Also feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or concerns you have!


What's in a Line? Iambic Pentameter 

4 Metrical Feet 

My Services

Scansion: For those of you wondering if your meter is tight and if that anapestic substitution is working in your iambic pentameter line, this is your best option. You will receive a complete scansion of your entire poem with helpful hints where perhaps a line needs a little tweaking to fit your meter, or where a perfectly timed substitution might just make a stanza pop. Additionally analysis and examples will be provided for critique.
GPs: 1,500

Content Review: For those of you that simply want something as close to a regular review as possible, this is your best bet. I will provide a content-centric review. What emotions did it evoke? Did it clearly convey its intended message? Would one line absolutely shine if we just tweaked one word here or there?
GPs: 2,000

*Star* Prosody Profile *Star* : This is the big daddy package. This includes both the scansion and content review put together. This will not be a brief review. You will get feedback on the meter and rhythm as well as use of sound and other intended poetic devices. Further you will receive an honest and constructive review that is at least 1k characters. (I cannot guarantee that it will not be more like 5K *BigSmile*)
GPs: 3,000

Also for those of you in to dark poetry:

Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
Round 40 Week 3 Open for Octoberfest! Featured in the Contest Challenge!
#1971713 by 🌑 Queen of Darkness

Happy writing!

*amazing forum banner provided by Hannah ♫♥♫ . Big thanks!!!
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