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Are you ready to CHALLENGE yourself with new poetry forms and writing lyrics??

Do you LOVE a poem with a "sing-song" flow, or perhaps even a strict meter? Are some of your favorite songs those that include rhyme? Whether you are new to writing poetry or song lyrics or you've been writing them for years, this challenge is designed to expose you to new poetry forms and devices as well as new methods of songwriting that create a smooth and catchy tune.

Each event lasts only 5 days, with a new prompt each day. There is a daily prize as well as larger prizes for the winners of the event. However, because this is a challenge, there are quite a few rules in place and all are important. Please read through the below rules carefully and if you are interested in participating in the next event, post in the forum below!

Let's get ready to WRITE!

Rhythm & Rhyme: Rules Image

*Music1* Entries can be rated only up to 18+. If you are linking your submission as a book entry, please also include the rating in your forum post.

*Music1* The forum is rated 13+. Please keep posts, even off-topic (OT) posts at this rating or below.

*Music1* Any genre is acceptable so long as the rating guidelines are followed.

*Music1* BE TASTEFUL in choosing your topics. Gore for the sake of gore, taboo sex (bestiality, incest, etc.), or any situations involving abuse that are not from the perspective of a survivor will be disqualified.

*Music1* The rules for each prompt provided throughout the 5-day event will be given. Be sure to pay attention to any poetry form that may be provided, line limits, etc. Entries not following the rules for that prompt will be disqualified.

*Music1* There is NO EDITING ALLOWED once your entry is submitted in this forum. Your entry could be read at any time. If the item has been edited, it can be disqualified. Be sure you are submitting your best work!

*Music1* Only ONE ENTRY is allowed per person, per prompt. To be eligible for the Daily Winner prize, you must enter BEFORE MIDNIGHT, WdC Time (EST) on the day the prompt is posted.

*Music1* However, if you’ve missed a prompt, you can submit it as a late entry so long as the title of your forum post starts with “LATE ENTRY:” You only have until 11:59pm (WdC time) on the last day of the event to turn in ALL ENTRIES, late or not.

*Music1* Each entry must be linked using either the {bitem:#######} or {entry:#######} method. Entries posted directly into a forum post will be disqualified. Remember: please include the rating of your entry if using the {entry:#######} linking method. (If you are unsure how to link to your entry, please contact Krysha~Rhythm & Rhyme 2208785

*Music1* The WritingML for an Author’s Note that should be included at the bottom of your entry item will be provided for each prompt. It can easily be copied and pasted. This Note will include the contest it was written for, the prompt, as well as any requirements such as form, length, etc. Including this Author’s Note is required so myself or any other judge has all the information they need located inside your item. If you need help placing this WritingML into your item, please contact Krysha~Rhythm & Rhyme 2208785

Example Forum Posts

Rhythm & Rhyme: Event Dates Image
January 15th – 19th January 20th - 24th NEXT UP!
February 24th – 28th
March 26th – 30th
May 2nd – 6th
June 9th – 13th
July 15th – 19th
August 21st – 25th
September 25th – 29th
October 27th – 31st
November NO EVENT
December 7th – 11th

Rhythm & Rhyme: Judges Image
Krysha~Rhythm & Rhyme 2208785

If you are interested in being a guest judge
for future Rhythm & Rhyme Events,
please contact Krysha~Rhythm & Rhyme 2208785 .

Rhythm & Rhyme: Prizes Image
One winner will be chosen from the ON TIME entries for each prompt.
At the end of the contest, the top three entries out of all submissions will be awarded.

Daily Winner
5,000 GPs

Event Winners
1st Place
AwardIcon for Winning Entry
Appropriate MB
2nd Place
Appropriate MB
3rd Place
5,000 GPs

Completion of All 5 Prompts
Appropriate MB

Rhythm & Rhyme: Winners Image
All winners of the Rhythm & Rhyme challenge will earn a permanent place HERE:
"Rhythm & Rhyme: WINNERS!

Rhythm & Rhyme: Donors Image
Donate 70k GPs or more and earn a regular MB of your choice.

How to Donate:
• You can add your donation GPs to a post in this forum (not to a reply, but to a new post).
• You can also send your GP donations directly to group #1820439

Rhythm & Rhyme: Group Mailing List  (E)
Storage place for GPs on their way to a fun activity near you!
#1820439 by Krysha~Rhythm & Rhyme 2208785

As this is an intense challenge,
it does require quite a few GPs to run even with the current prizes.

I would love to be able to increase prizes for challengers
and I can do that with your help!


Rhythm & Rhyme: Event Prompts Image
Event #1
January 20th – 24th

Prompt #1 - January 20th

Prompt #2 - January 21st

Prompt #3- January 22nd

Prompt #4 - January 23rd

Prompt #5

Rhythm & Rhyme: Entries Image

Prompt #1

Prompt #2

Prompt #3

Prompt #4

Prompt #5

Be sure to title all ‘OFF TOPIC’ and ‘LATE ENTRY’ posts accordingly!

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