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by Xiea
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Welcome to the RAOK raffle! Closed as of now.
Want to play Secret Santa? You're in the right place! All tickets bought for other members anonymously will be half prized!
Also, all the Secret Santas win this exclusive trinket!

Send me a mail personally to purchase tickets anonymously for other members wth the GPs attached in that mail.

Thank you so much, eyestar~go Power Raiders and Choconut for the beautiful awardicons that grace this page.
RAOK's logo image.  This is a shared image, so feel free to use its item number.

WdC's 'Random Acts Of Kindness' group is pretty cool, right? You know who could make it even cooler?


Just participate in this raffle!
Every week ONE lucky participant from any one of the sub raffles gets to win this shiny merit badge!
Merit Badge in Thank You
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for giving me something I never thought I would have...someone under 20 who thought I was OK....and for teaching me that not all young people are ignorant, self centred, lazy, good for nothing oxygen wasters...some are worse. Joking.
Because thank you, awesome donors *HeartP*!

How it Works:
*HeartB* 50% of the pot goes to RAOK group, 40% of it goes to the WINNER (who will be decided in the end of the raffle using the virtual dice).

*Vignette4* You might just get lucky TWICE! (Once with the pot and again with the MB) Every week, 1 winner will be randomly picked using the WdC Virtual dice (given that each week tickets worth at least 25K have been bought).

*Star* So, what are you waiting for? Go on! Make good deeds better! And even if you don't win, you actually do! 'Cause you helped!

Please note that the offer in the above trinket has already expired.
When I made it, I didn't pay attention to the fact that they cannot be edited in future. Silly me! *Facepalm*

Christmas tickets!

1)The cute little teeny tiny sub raffle*Heart*
Tickets for 250 125 each!
Prize: 40% of the pot!
Ticket holders

2)The cute little sub raffle*HeartV*
Tickets for 500 250 GPS each!
Prize: 40% of the pot + cnote or trinket or custom raffle signature!
Ticket holders

3)The cute tween sub raffle*HeartP*
Tickets for 1000 500GPS each!
Prize: 40% of the pot + a non-exclusive merit badge!
Ticket holders

4)The pimply adolescent sub raffle*HeartO*
Tickets for 1500 750 GPS each!
Prize: 40% of the pot + one exclusive RAOK MB or a 10K awardicon in any item of their choice!
Ticket holders


Donations to the raffle (These donations fund the MBs and awardicons given out by the raffle) are always welcome!
Donations over 30,000 gps will recieve any general MB they don't already have!
As of November 24th, 2020, donations over 75K will receive this exclusive MB!

Merit Badge in Spreading the Love
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Our generous donors!

Please stop by my other fundraiser for contests and other activities!
The Universal Fundraiser- closed  (E)
A fundraiser for everyone and everything! Closed until further notice.
#2234865 by Xiea

And my c-note shop for the festive season!
Halloween time!!!  (E)
Cnote shop specially for halloween! Just for 500 GPs!
#2234729 by Xiea

Thanks, you rock!
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