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Do you dare stepping outside your door to confront the dead?
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Game on TWD

Welcome to The Walking Dead Challenge!

They really do walk among us, so keep your doors shut, weapons at the ready. Be ready to defend yourself.

Game Start ~ February 15th
Game Ends ~ February 29th

How does the game work?

*BulletR* Pick your character from the list below ~ Check posts prior to yours in case the board hasn't been updated

*BulletO* Once all the characters are taken, no one else can participate in the game

*BulletG* The character names are used for extra prizes *Wink*

*BulletV* You need to complete all challenges in order to get the main prize

*Bulletb* Once the game starts, you're mostly on your own *Devilish*

*Bulletr* Follow the rules and complete all challenges

Characters Participating:

*Bulletb* Once characters are chosen and the game starts, the rest of the names will be removed from the list

*BulletR* Complete all challenges to win the main prize

Game/Challenge Rules:


Each participant completing all seven (7) challenges will receive:

A TWD Merit Badge along with 25K in Gift Points (GP reward may change depending on donations)

The participant with the highest amount of stars will receive a Merit Badge they don't have yet.



Challenge 1:

*Ax* Review 7 different NEW WdC members, one review each. Post reviews in forum below.

*Ax* Write an entry for "Journey Through Genres: Official Contest. Post in the forum.

*Ax* Pick two names from the participant list and write a short story about them. 1000 Word count maximum. Include W/C inside item, bottom/top of page as well as the alias (game names) you chose.

*Ax* *StarR* Answer the following question in your post:
          If you could kick off one of the participants out the game, who would it be? *Smirk*

Challenge 2:

Write a scene about a misunderstanding. Be creative! *Wink* *Hammer*

It can be written in a new item, blog entry, or newsfeed. *Hammer*

The funnier, the better. The bigger the misunderstanding, the better the prize. *Bigsmile* *Hammer*

One special reward for the best one! *StarB* *Hammer*

Challenge 3:

*Ax* Choose four (4) names/alias from the participating list and use them as characters in your story.

*Ax* The story cannot be longer than 1500 words.

*Ax* Write the chosen names as well as W/C at top or bottom of entry.

*Ax* Someone MUST die.

*Ax* One MUST survive.

*Ax* One is a liar.

*Ax* The last one is a murderer. *Smirk2*

Challenge 4:

Review one (1) item per participant. Post reviews in the forum below. Showcase favorite item. *Hammer*

Challenge 5:

*Ax* Say hello to five (5) new members in "Noticing Newbies. Post your replies in your challenge post.

*Ax* Participate in "The Writer's Cramp

*Ax* Do three (3) anniversary reviews and post them in "Anniversary Reviews as well as here

Challenge 6:

Enter "SCREAMS!!! *Hammer*

Enter "Distorted Minds Contest *Hammer*

Challenge 7:

*Ax* Write a eulogy for the character you chose.

"TWD Vault is where we keep the goodies for survival. Feel free to donate by posting in the forum below or sending GPs directly to the group. Any donation welcome.
If you donate 60K+, you'll get an MB you don't have yet.

Wonderful Donors:

Game/Challenge Rules:

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