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Write And Create Joy and Gratitude Each Day...
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The Happiness Port Project. Taken from: "The Happiness Port Project With my own little twist of course! *Bigsmile* This would also be like my " A Year Jar except in that I am only writing about my journey, the good, the bad, and all the in-between! And this project it is for everyone to share something in! That's right everyone is welcome *Bigsmile*

Starting May 1, 2020, I'm running an activity that will mirror the concept of my Happiness Box Project rather or my " A Year Jar, but instead of a box, you will use your portfolio to house notes, poems, stories, photos, links from your port, youtube or other places too. you name it, you can do it.!

Some rules and guidelines: ~ Please be sure to read and if you don't understand, just ask me. I would like to make this enjoyable for everyone.

*Asteriskb* 1 This activity will run from May 1, 2020, until May 1, 2021, @ 11:59 pm est.

*Asteriskv* 2 You need to post an entry or item, a note, or something and you can just write directly into the forum if you would like... Yes, whatever you would like each day in the message forum.

*Asteriskbr* 3 I don't care if the entry is a note, poem, story. Photos or drawings. A link to anything even from youtube it is optional and endless what you can post, but if you want to include them or anything else creative with your writing, feel free to. Yes please write something even if it is Good Morning. Good Evening, Hello, Sup, something okay... Also, don't forget to share something from your port, keep in mind it is a year-long activity.

*Asteriskg* 4 Each Thursday, post something that you are thankful or grateful for. This will be a separate "Thankful Thursday" challenge that won't be related to your note, poem, or story or whatever you want to share that day, etc.

*Asterisko* 5. You will need to keep track of your dates that you do and share with me tell me what you have done at the end of this year-long activity *Writing* in order to receive your prizes. After all, it is a year-long activity!

*Asterisk* 6. Yes... Anything in your port goes and anything not in your port goes! But remember Each Thursday, post something that you are thankful or grateful for. This will be a separate "Thankful Thursday" challenge that won't be related to your note, poem, or story or whatever you choose to post on "Thankful Thursday".

*Asteriskr* 7. I don't care if the item or entry or whatever you choose to post is old or new or somewhere in between! Everything is welcomed in here *Bigsmile*

*Asteriskp* 8. Well, I know this is a happiness project but sometimes we have a bad day, a bad week, a bad month whatever the case and if you would like to you can share about that in here I will understand! After all, this is a year-long project/activity.

*Bee* 9. Missed Days: Yes, you can make up for missed days provided you are all caught up by the end of this activity to get the prizes for the full year or even the 6 months whichever you choose to do.

*Asteriskgr* 10. Rules and Guidelines may be added along the way as we go along...

*Fairyr* Anyone who completes the whole year will get a 10,000 awardicon or one of my merit badges your choice Or your choice of something I can send and 5,000 gift points and anyone who completes 6 months will get 5,000 gift points. *Fairyl*

*Heart* If anyone wants to create their own year-long Happiness Box/Jar, bonus points. Have fun! *Heart*


Starting May 1, 2020, write and create joy and gratitude each day.

Here are the names of the merit badges that I have:

1. Chatter Box Group
2. Days Of Sunshine
3. Monthly Calendar
4. Monthly Poetry
5. Welcome To My Reality

Donations are very much welcomed and if you want bigger prizes it will take donations to make the prizes bigger.

Any donation is welcomed and any donation 100,000 gift points or more will get one of the merit badges listed above. Or your choice of something I can send!

"The Happiness Port Project Bank Or you can email me, just click on that little envelope up by my name.

Thank you ♥OctOGRE tHiNg♥ for the wonderful yellow ribbon
that graces this wonderful place here *Heart* I am truly honored *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

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