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Celebration Ceremony for the Epic Battle of the Pens Competition!

Welcome to the Awards Celebration for the Epic Battle of the Pens Writing Competition 2020!

For the last four weeks, six of WDC's very own writers have battled it out in an "edge of your seat" fight to see who would be the ultimate Epic Word Warrior Champion. I would like to take a moment to thank each of our competitors for the hard work, dedication, creativity, and spirit they each brought to this Epic battle. Without them, there would have been no battle. I would also like to take this time to thank our four dedicated judges who had the challenge of scoring each entry. Without their dedication, attention to detail, and willingness to get involved and be a part of the event, we would not have had such a successful competition. A very special thank you to Bikerider who stepped in on the first round when one of our original judges was unable to continue with us.

*Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel*

Our Epic Battle of the Pen's Judges

To each of our Judges: вαℓℓσση :D , Chibithulu (Alyssa) , Bikerider , and Richie Krueger ~ Bald Lil' Bro I present each of you with one judging badge, one thank you badge and 10,000 gift points in appreciation for the wonderful job each of you did in providing helpful, positive feedback to each competitor and taking the time and effort to score each entry.

Each round, all entries were judged on four main elements. All four elements had their own, unique challenges in determining who got what score. Our judges put a lot of heart and effort into their scorings.

I would like to present Chibithulu (Alyssa) with a Creativity Merit Badge for having judged the element of Creativity. Alyssa had this to say about her judging experience: "It was fascinating to watch the writers respond and grow with the prompts. They definitely showed off their best skills each round, and the creativity was astounding. It was also interesting to find out what the writer’s priorities were, like setting versus character, and word choice versus verbosity. No one was too wordy, however. They all understood the power of presence when it comes to words.

Everyone was brilliant in their creativity. I would have never thought of such special places and people. The stories blossomed under the hands of the writers, and I was proud of each of them. The poetry was especially a surprise. For the authors to switch from writing stories to writing poems was very crafty and showed off their versatility.

Being a judge was difficult for me. I had a hard time putting a number on such excellent pieces. But I did enjoy being a part of the process and being able to read all the entries. It was an absolute delight to see the talent that we have on writing.com. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to next year when the competition will be even stiffer, and the competitors think they know what they are in for."

To вαℓℓσση :D I'd like to present the Merit Badge of Grammar, for having judged Technical Skills. Naomi had this to say about her experience as a first-time judge: "Well, this was a really interesting experience. 1, I get to practice my laser eyes grammar checking on someone else’s work without actually deciding to review. There are a few things I myself have not rehearsed in a while. This is definitely one of the closest things to entering a contest I’ve done- which I haven’t.

2, I controlled my procrastinating a bit more by doing this. Slightly. I still do that and that habit’s probably deadbolted in my brain, but I controlled it a bit. Heck, if it were up to me I would be curled up in my bed with a chocolate bar while playing music. Wait a minute, I AM doing that! I didn’t know it was possible to actually be productive like that. Ohhhh, now I know. The difference is I’m doing something.

Lol, still, this was really fun, and also, I found it pretty amusing I’m probably younger than most of you- I’m literally the minimum age for using Writing.Com. Yay logic! Anyway, I’m rambling again and I should get back to the point.

Alright, about the contestants’ entries. While I was drafting a mess of words, I scooped out a lot of random stuff I could salvage. Ignoring most passive voice. Rounds 1 & 3 were a lot easier since there weren’t as many mistakes. Back to the point. I had a lot of fun with incorporating this into my schedule for these 4 weeks and I’m hoping this will be back some other day.

Richie Krueger ~ Bald Lil' Bro I'd like to present you with the Accuracy Merit Badge for having judged Guidelines and insuring writers followed the guidelines set before them. Richard had this to say: "I must say I thoroughly enjoyed serving a judge in the "New Battle of the Pens Arena" and would like to especially thank our gracious host for inviting me into her Contest.

While my judging was limited to purely mechanics, I read and enjoyed every entry. I was happy I didn't have to pick my favorite from all of the wonderfully written entries, I fear I might have found that IMPOSSIBLE!.

Congratulation to all the contestants on a Job Well Done!!"

And to Bikerider I present the Attention to Detail Merit Badge as it was his job to judge the Presentation of each entry. Bikerider had this to say about his experience judging for the Epic Battle of the Pens:

"I came on board to judge the entries on the first week of the Battle of the Pens contest. It didn't take long to see that this was a different kind of activity from any other contest I have judged. I was glad that my assignment was to judge each entry for its presentation because I consider the presentation of a story as important as the presentation of a gourmet meal. If a story looks professional it will capture more readers than a story that looks like it was thrown together without regard to how it will look to a prospective reader.

I was impressed by how well the assignments were formatted and presented. Of course, with my old eyes, I think I harped on using larger than default font size, but that did not take away from the professional look each of the authors gave their entries.

While I was tasked with only judging the presentation of the entries, I read each one and I was impressed with the creativity the authors showed when writing for each step in the 4-week process. You all did a great job putting this together. And I was glad to see that all of you stayed with it for the entire 4-week process. Well done!

I hope all of the authors enjoyed participating in this exercise as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

Well done everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing you all around the site and reading more of your writing.

*Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* *Badge*

Special Mention & Thank You's

I'd like to thank Lilliy Loidd 🪔 for her amazing work in designing our Epic Pen Trinkets. Each Competitor that won a gold, silver, or bronze medal at the end of each round, also won an exclusive trinket that ONLY winners of each round could collect! I know I was remiss in handing these out, so if you did NOT get yours, PLEASE contact me so I can get you the codes so you can get your trinkets into your collections. Lilly, I present you with an Attention to Detail Merit Badge.

A special thank you goes to Anonymous who's generosity helped provide many of the very nice prizes we are able to hand out today. Thank you for taking part and showing such strong support in this Epic Battle Event.

*Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill* *MedalGold* *Quill*

*AwarenessG* Each of our fierce warriors has earned a Courage Merit Badge & a Risk Taker Merit Badge.

Now, with great pleasure, I present Epic Battle of the Pen's Third place Word Warrior with a golden plaque with your name on it, a Contests Merit Badge, and 75,000 gift points gift certificate to the WDC official store. And this award goes to: Miranda_EatingCookies with a final grand score of 352 points!

Epic Battle of the Pen's Second Place winner is SB Musing with a final score of 353. You are hereby presented with a golden plaque with your name on it, Contests Merit Badge, and a 100,000 gift point gift certificate to the official WDC gift store.

And now, with a grand final score of 386 points, It is my pleasure to announce that the All-time Epic Battle of the Pens Word Warrior Champion for 2020 is Haunted Sox ! I present to you a gold and red plaque with your name on it, the Contests Merit Badge, and a gift certificate to the WDC gift store for 200,000 gift points.

Thank you to each and every writer who participated in this year's Epic Battle of the Pen Writing Competition! I'll be looking for you again next year!

*Die6* *Die3* *Die1* *Die6* *Die3* *Die1* *Die6* *Die3* *Die1* *Die6* *Die3* *Die1* *Die6* *Die3* *Die1*

Cheer Squad Raffle

I would now like to turn our attention to each of our writer's Cheer Squads. I am simply astounded at the generosity of this WDC community and family. I'd like to thank each and every person who purchased a cheer, got into the spirit of the event, and spurred our writers to keep going and do their best. Each of you made this event truly Epic!

For each team, I entered the data into the Virtual Dice thingy and rolled twice. Today, each winner will receive A Cheerleading Merit Badge as well as a Fundraising Merit Badge. You will also receive a 500 gift point gift certificate to the shop of YOUR choice!

Becky's Cheer Squad winners are: #41 Becca Winchester & #63 Jack-o'-Mike 🎺

Suki's Cheer Squad winners are: #13 is Becca Winchester & Jack-o'-Mike 🎺

Mike's Cheer Squad winners are: #39 is Alexi & #9 is Trickful Sonali Hey Halloween!

Sara's Cheer Squad winners are: #18 Xiea & #7 Jayne'll eat your brain🧟

Rinsoxy's Cheer Squad winners are: #28 Haunted Sox & #74 Jack-o'-Mike 🎺

Miranda's Cheer Squad winners are: #21 Choco’s gone nuts -Mwaahaha! & #41 Alexi

This concludes the Epic Battle of the Pens Writing Competition for 2020 ~ God willing, The Epic Battle of the Pens Writing Competition will return next year in April again!
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