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A writing contest fit for a Princess!
Welcome to the Royal Writing Contest!

Objective: Write your best story that has at least ONE member of Royalty in it. The more unique, creative, and entertaining the better!

Guidelines: Please ensure you use a 3.5 or larger font. Post a link to your story here, in the forum by the deadline. There will be NO word count. Stories that have a POEM included WITHIN the story will get extra points! Your story can be set in modern times OR at any time of your choosing.

Deadline: Contest starts June 10th (officially) and all entries MUST be posted below in the forum by Midnight July 10th! You have nearly a MONTH to write and create a Royal story fit for a Princess! Time management is key...don't think "oh, I've got plenty of time and leave it till last minute".

WINNERS will receive One Merit Badge, One Awardicon, and 100,000 gift points!

POETRY Contest: Use the SAME guidelines as above. NO word limit. Same prizes offered!

TRINKET Contest: {size:3.5}Create the BEST Trinket using the Royal theme. A picture is worth a thousand words BUT what you write in your trinket will count! Be creative and unique. Same awards for this contest as mentioned above.

ALSO: Winners of the Poetry and Trinket Contest will be featured for an entire month in the Fundraiser Shop!

Use the following pictures to serve as inspiration for the location of your story, but feel free to create your own.

Image for contest Image for royal contest image for royal contest Image for contest Image for royal contest

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