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A Fundraiser For My Contests and Raffles
This Rhythm & Stars Fundraising Auction Forum is CLOSED NOW

To Help Others and Myself

This fundraiser will run from August 1st - 31st 2020.
The fundraiser will be closed on the 31st of August at 12mid eastern time.

I just want to say thank you for your help and it means a lot to me. If you are in need of GPs, I'm doing a fundraiser so I could help someone with their group/groups. So if you want to help out, I would appreciate that plus I will give my newest Merit Badge to anyone who helps out and they will get a Merit Badge called Rhythm and Rhyme with Spider & it's Web.
The funds raised here are for the Prizes, Merit Badges and Awardicons etc.

Package Donors are welcome to post what they want to give to the highest bidder. Once the fundraiser is over.
All the highest bidders need to pay for their packages as soon as its over and donors need to give the items to the highest bidder. The winners and bidders will be notified on September 1st.

Bidders, you need to do the payment on September 1st, NO LATER.

Package #1
10K Awardicon for winners port CR
1 Rhythm & Rhyme Guitar Pick with Spider MB - Sent
1 Border Collie MB - Sent
10 Free Tickets to one of my Raffles
Lighthouse Merit badge Package from: "Rhythm & Stars Gift Shop
Donor: Beacon Light (Angel & Power)
Starting Bid: 70,000
Bidder: Cubby ~ Huffle-puffing! PAID
Highest Bid: 90,000

T-Shirt: Writing.Com White (Short Sleeve) #1028 (Winner's physical address will need to be on-file with WDC to send the T-Shirt Writing.com shirt)
2 Community MBs not currently held by the winner - CR available
2 - 25K Awardicons, 1 for winner and 1 for winner's friend - Winner's choice of items.
Donor: Soldier_Mike
Starting Bid: 75,000
Bidder: Cadie Laine -Celebrates WDC!!! PAID
Highest Bid: 100,000

Package #3
10K Awardicon for the Donors favorite
A Genre related MB.
2 reviews
Donor: 🌓 HuntersMoon
Starting Bid: 35,000
Bidder: Tina Stone PAID
Highest Bid: 50,000

25K Awardicon to favorite item in the winner's port
The Donors 2 Downton Abbey Merit Badges
Donor:Princess Megan Rose
Starting Bid: 55,000
Bidder: Purple Princess PAID
Highest Bid: 80,000

25k awardicon
One Community MB, winners choice
Donor: Lilli ☕
Starting Bid: 35,000
Bidder: Tina Stone PAID
Highest Bid: 40,000

Port Scan
10K Awardicon of the Donors choice
Merit Badge of the Donors choice
Donor: SB Musing
Starting Bid: 35,000
Bidder: 🔥 Krista 🔥 PAID
Highest Bid: 40,000

1 Sultry Sizzle
1 Purple's Prize
1 Write from the Heart
1 HSP Lip mb
1 HSP House mb
Donor:Purple Princess
Starting Bid: 70,000
Bidder: Elle PAID
Highest Bid: 70,000

Two free seats in Paranormal Romance Writing course
One seat for the winner and One for a friend.
The course will start in October 2020.
Donor: Jim Hall
Starting Bid: 45,000
Bidder: WakeUpAndLive‍‍~Nyx PAID
Highest Bid: 61,000

Package #9
Character Development Per Semester at the WDC Writing University. Fee cost 10,000 GPs
The donor would like to offer 2 free seats as a prize.
Starting This Fall
Donor: Kristina ~
Starting Bid: 45,000
Bidder: Cadie Laine -Celebrates WDC!!! PAID
Highest Bid: 60,000

If you would like to donate, You can send your GP donations directly to group #2224619.


Merit Badge in Rhythm & Rhyme Lyric
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

For each donor who helps out will get an Appreciation or a Special Appreciation Yellow Merit Badge. I would be very much appreciate your help.

These are the MBs you will get for helping out with the fundraiser:

Merit Badge in Appreciation
[Click For More Info]

 Thank you kindly for bailing out a pesky prisoner in  [Link To Item #2055887] . ~Mr. Bones, Vampy, and Dungeon Master Os. Merit Badge in Special Appreciation
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your promotion to Yellow Case--Preferred Author!  Now you're allowed to give out this special yellow MB as well.  *^*Bigsmile*^*

Making all Badges and Awardicons count

For my fundraiser

All donations are welcome and if you want a community Merit Badge, the donation will be 30,000 GPs and if you want one of my Exclusive Merit Badge the donation will be 50,000 GPs.

Thank You For Your Donation:

For The Donors
You will get my Newest MB Rhythm & Rhyme Spider with Its Web
and One of the Appreciation MBs.
You will be getting 2 MB each, CR is available

Donors are:

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